Artie Haraway Your Good Neighbor in Community Mental Health

You would be lucky to have Artie Haraway as your neighbor. Good Neighbor Community Services is on the cutting edge of recreating the human services industry. “Creating A New Way of Life” is the company slogan which encompasses their desire to bring out the best in the individuals and families they serve. Good Neighbor’s wrap around approach to behavioral health care, state of the art day programs, and ID Waiver group homes makes them the standard to which every health care agency aspires. Listen in to hear Artie Haraway, Good Neighbor’s Director of Marketing and Outreach, talk about the exciting new ventures they are about to embark on.  You will hear how his marketing efforts helped build this bar none agency and how their work in telepsychiatry inspired an invitation from the Discovery Channel.


Which services does Good Neighbor provide?

Good Neighbor provides psychiatric care for adults as well as adolescents. We also use telehealth which is an innovative tool that provides clients with access to high quality psychiatric services regardless of the barriers created by distance, unpredictable circumstances, or the limited number of qualified providers. The Good Neighbor Counseling program promotes an improved quality of life for persons seeking individual, couples, and/or family therapy. Services are provided by licensed and experienced clinicians who are dedicated to understanding your needs and concerns. We also have community based services.  Our Intensive In-Home Counseling program provides meaningful New-Homes-Bannersupport for children with emotional, mental, and behavioral challenges. Good Neighbor also offers Intensive Care Coordination Services for children who are at risk of being placed in, or who are currently placed in, residential services. Our Community Support Services (CSS) program is designed to support individuals with a mental health diagnosis through a collaborative, individualized, and comprehensive treatment process. This program is licensed as Mental Health Skill Building (MHSS). We also offer mentoring that aims to provide on-going support to our mentees. We currently have 29 licensed group homes across central and northern Virginia.  Our day support programs are state of the art facilities.

Which insurances does Good Neighbor accept?

AMERIGROUP, Anthem, Beacon, BlueCross and BlueShield, Cigna, ComPsych, Humana, LifeSynch, Magellan Behavioral Health, Medicaid, Medicare, Optima, Optum, TRICARE, ValueOptions, Out of Network

How do parents know if Intensive In-Home counseling is appropriate for their son or daughter?

a. If your son/daughter has met with an Outpatient Therapist. However, the therapy sessions are not successful or if the child is experiencing a mental health breakdown.

b. If the child is “at risk” for out of home placement from his/her family.

c. If the child is experiencing trauma or a downward spiral in his/her mental health. (Examples….Death, Divorce, Loss of relationship)


Is there a step down program for children leaving the intensive in-home counseling program?

Yes, Outpatient Therapy and on-going professional mentoring are often the best step down program from Intensive In-Home Counseling. Moreover, Good Neighbor provides follow up phone calls with families to insure the child is receiving the support he/she needs.

Artie Haraway obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. He is also pursuing his MBA in Healthcare Administration. Artie believes in creating a dynamic atmosphere within a company. He is responsible for marketing, fundraising, and on-going program development. Artie is also an expert in SEO, website development, and the production of television commercials by using the latest in cutting edge technology. The success of his marketing campaigns has put him on the map as one of Richmond’s leading professionals. Moreover, Artie has been a key voice for improved healthcare and overall wellness for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Before working at Good Neighbor, Artie was employed with Horizon Healthcare where he developed behavioral health contracts for treatment programs provided by psychiatric hospitals located in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. He is versed in staff development, on-going training, and quality care. Today, Good Neighbor is the beacon in behavioral healthcare services. Artie’s brilliant marketing efforts have helped Good Neighbor ascend to the forefront in the field of residential care, community based programs, outpatient therapy, and telepsychiatry.

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