Behavioral Health EHR YOUR WAY: An Interview with Jay Lacny

One of the fastest growing EHRs in the Behavioral Health market is EHR YOUR WAY. We’ve had the pleasure of working with their team for over a year and as you’ll hear on the show, it has been eye opening for our consulting group. With Behavioral Health finally getting the recognition it deserves, we are seeing an explosion of new technology vendors. We were able to glue our guest, Jay Lacny, to his chair for longer than 5 minutes and discuss this exciting and innovative EHR, why they chose to focus on Behavioral Health, and (without giving away their secrets) why they’ve become so popular, so fast. If you are looking for advanced tools for Behavioral Health with affordable pricing, tune in to this show!


Why was ehrYOURway created?

  • There is a gap in the market for customizable EHRs; virtually every other product forces a user to learn their software which requires change of workflow and impedes adoption.
  • The name says it all: EHR YOUR WAY.
  • Your forms. Your workflow. Your way.

Why the mental health market?

  • Coming from outside the industry with a fresh perspective, I saw an opportunity to help agencies help more people by providing technology that transforms people’s lives.
  • The Behavioral Health market is saturated with antiquated systems; repetitive actions, resistance to technology, deluged in paper & regulation.
  • Mental Health affects 25% of population but more likely 100% when you consider family, friends & co-workers. Having a disease treated efficiently shouldn’t be considered just as a business opportunity but a cause.
  • Ripple effects: Broken families, abuse, poor education, under employed all of which = negative behavior which equates to repeating the cycle.
  • By providing the best technology we will impact lives in a meaningful way.

Jay, we’ve been working together for quite a while. We even have our own language – it’s called short and to the point.

Ha! No need to beat around the bush.

It’s been fascinating to watch the growth of your company and the EHR. Tell me your thoughts on the importance of CRM and EHR integration?

  • Behavioral health requires marketing and referrals to generate business. So not only does a clinician or agency need to worry about documentation of clients, they need to solve a problem of managing prospective clients.
  • Additionally, larger agencies with CEOs, HR, IT & Finance don’t need to be on an EHR to manage their business but a CRM.
  • This is what Push It was designed to do and it complements the EHR.
  • We literally had to build ehrYOURway from the ground up two years ago with a current software team of approximately 40 people. Push It took 6 years to be market ready.
  • The good news is that our solutions are disruptive and while competitors are trying to reposition themselves, we’ll are penetrating the market.
  • We are cognizant that technology vendors must have an end-to-end solution which allows clinicians and agencies to do what they do; help people help themselves get well.
  • I don’t know about you but it makes me cringe when I need to buy a new cell phone and learn how to use it. Our goal is to keep technology pain to a minimum so that our clients don’t require the same services they offer.

As you know, we study the vendors on the market looking for trends: Who is actually selling their product? What features make them sellable? How good is their implementation? How quickly can they add new features? ehrYOURway is nailing it and yet you don’t attend conferences nor do you spend mega bucks on marketing agendas. Why is that?

  • Trade shows and travel are expensive so we’ve made a strategic decision to limit these which allows us to pass the savings onto our customers. Ultimately it’s word of mouth and referrals that are contributing to our record growth.

What are your most raved about feature(s)?ehryourway

  • Customization. Customization and more Customization. Each agency has its own way of serving clients and rather than them being a slave to technology, we make technology a slave to them.

Let’s take forms for example. We take an organization’s paper workflow and make a verbatim electronic copy which is filled out in the EHR. Behavioral Health organizations absolutely love this because users are simply filling out a document on a computer instead of on paper. This familiarity makes users comfortable and subsequently adoption skyrockets.

Now, if an agency has 5 or more clinicians they’ll find our 21 rules engine valuable. For example, an intake must be completed within 24 hours, treatment plan reviewed every 180 days or you can’t fill out a discharge summary until a treatment plan is signed off. A message is displayed to the user which prompts an action.

  • Auto forwarding of forms for sign off by supervisor.
  • Authorizations available on the appointment scheduler or any form.
  • Multiple providers associated with one client.
  • Portal with messaging, auto-population of forms into clinical notes, credit card payments and more.
  • Full reporting on any field on any form in any format.
  • Reports customized for grantors.
  • Auto-import of faxes into the EHR; send faxes with the click of a mouse.
  • Caseload Reports
  • Inpatient with bed census
  • HR module; calculate payroll; auto-credit provider accounts in the cloud.
  • No installation necessary.
  • Works on any device.

What is the size of the company and your user base?

  • Over 4,800 users and a waiting list being served by 96 employees with 20-50 more being added by end of 2016.

What kinds of tools do you have available for revenue cycle management?

  • Insurance verification via a clearinghouse.
  • Direct integration with 3 of the major clearinghouses.
  • Ability to connect directly to payers.
  • Institutional billing.
  • Full reporting by provider, source, appointments that have been booked, notes not signed off and billed. Auto charge creation after notes have been signed off and more.

How many developers do you have on staff? 

  • 30 developers + 15 or so on the database, testing and management.

Where do you see the company and product heading in the future?

  • Integration with academia. Universities will provide research which will be held in a repository. When a client or patient matches multiple criteria during treatment milestones it will suggest what is the best treatment: options A or B. The data from the client will be anonymized and passed back into the research pool. This is really the most exciting part for me.
  • We encourage all our agencies, whenever possible, to use a rating scale on data so that it may be ranked and scored over time. Once we have a meaningful mass of client data, we’ll suggest that our clients allow us to anonymize it so we can push back best treatment practices for clients based on XYZ conditions.
  • We are going to lead the industry with “Practice-in-a-Box”: Websites + CRM + Call Center + HR + Billing + Compliance. This will allow individual providers to work independently but have all the benefits of a large agency.

Mr. Lacny leads strategic initiatives for EHR YOUR WAY including features, branding, content and product positioning. During his tenure the company has grown from 40+ employees to nearly 100 with capacity of 197.  He accepted an invitation to rejoin the founder, Dr. Kumara Prathipati, with whom he had co-founded a financial services company 20 years prior and had approximately 400 employees. Their vision was to create a disruptive, dynamic & customizable behavioral health EHR like no other.

Mr. Lacny is also the co-founder of Push It Workflow Management (CRM) which will be integrated into the offerings to manage websites, marketing communication and workflow not addressed by the EHR. His past ventures included MyKidisSafe, a first of its kind application to block texting while driving, scan texts for objectionable content, block cyber bullying. He also co-founded SimplyStocks with Kumara and had Wall Street flagship clients including Michael Dell, Bank of America & JP Morgan.

He has been married for 28 years and has 8 year old twins.

Twitter: @ehrYOURway

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