Browser Based Mental Health EHRs: Checkpoint by Integrity Support

We met the creators of Checkpoint by Integrity Support at a Behavioral Health Conference in 2014. The owners of the company sat through our entire presentation on Behavioral Health Technology without falling asleep or running out of the room screaming. We were impressed! The name of this Behavioral Health EHR stood out for us. They waited patiently at our booth to ask some additional questions and after five minutes we knew we had to work with this organization.

Integrity Support is a North Carolina based electronic health record software company created for Behavioral Health providers. They have a unique and browser-based product. The founding members are comprised of a clinical psychologist and software engineer.

We are proud to work with this organization, to have partnered them with some of our other great vendors, and to bring their EHR to the attention of our providers.


Some of the questions that were answered on our show are listed below:

1. How and why did you get started?
a. What gave you the idea for the company?
b. How long have you been in business?
c. How quickly did you become aware of the need for a comprehensive behavioral health software system?

2. Why the name Integrity Support?
a. Our faith plays a primary role in how we conduct our personal lives as well as our business
b. To instill a sense of trust in prospects
c. To continually remind us to do the “right thing”

3. Why do you do what you do?
a. Your slogan…what does that mean?
b. We enjoy being in a serving role
c. Both of us are heavily involved in ministries

4. What are your company strengths?
a. Support Responsiveness
i. Quick action to issues
ii. Follow up and follow through
b. Attention to details
c. Knowledge and experience
i. Business best practices
ii. Clinical perspective
d. High value on agency feedback on support and system enhancements
e. Personal relationships
f. Organic growth: we have done very little marketing over the 10 years. Our customers are our primary “Marketing Dept”. They tell their colleagues about us because of their experiences with us and our Checkpoint software.

5. What makes your Checkpoint software different from other EHR’s?
a. What we’re told by our customers….
i. Simplest
ii. Short learning curve and ease of training
iii. Quick system implementations of regulatory and agency customizations
b. We realized very quickly that the EHR needed to be cloud based
c. Billing included
d. Our specific skills and experience are very complimentary:
i. Steve provides clinical education as a behavioral health provider
ii. Joe provides technical education having created and worked with billing systems and Internet technology
iii. This created a perfect marriage from the very beginning by bringing together the clinical perspective with the billing perspective into one system that must incorporate both.

6. What are your biggest challenges?
a. Regulation/government
i. Insurance instability
b. Behavioral Health continual changes. Especially in past 5 years with multiple North Carolina Behavioral Health reforms.
i. This has caused us to have to make changes in our software which creates additional training needs.
ii. High staff turnover at agencies creates on-going training needs.

7. How have you competed with the big EHR’s?
a. We simplify the complex
b. Checkpoint is extremely simple compared to other systems
c. We’ve been very responsive to our customers’ needs, requests, desires, ideas
d. We’ve been able to adjust to industry changes quickly
e. We’re there for the little guys
f. No long term contract…we’re committed to do what it takes to keep our customers want to stay with us
g. We’ve not only developed and provided EHR system, we’ve also offered a comprehensive billing service
h. OPT Support group: we go beyond just providing our customers with Checkpoint software, we are also sensitive to their needs as providers, both from a business perspective and professionally.

8. You’ve said that the most common feedback you hear about your Checkpoint software is that it is the easiest system available. Why is that?
a. Joe has extensive experience in developing billing systems while Steve knows how therapists think and what they need. Together we’ve designed a system that is very appealing to users.
b. We haven’t just developed Checkpoint, we’ve been daily users of it ourselves in providing billing services to some of our customers.

9. How sustainable is Checkpoint by Integrity Support for the future? 
a. Organic growth
b. Strong customer support
c. Minimal overhead expenses, which allows highly competitive pricing
d. Debt free company

Steve BlakemanSteve Blakeman is the founder and CEO of Integrity Support, which started in 2005.  He had been a Licensed Psychological Associate in North Carolina for 13 years and a clinical supervisor for a growing behavioral health agency in Raleigh. Colleagues asked him to help them start private practices and provide billing services. Seeing this as an open door to take on a new challenge, he started Integrity Support from his home office, and has been grateful for this opportunity ever since.

Steve began his career in the behavioral health field while getting his Masters of Clinical Psychology degree at Wheaton College in 1985. He worked at Valparaiso University as a staff counselor for 4 years and then for the State of North Carolina for 10 years in several settings related to Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

From the very beginning Steve has been intricately involved in the design and layout of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Billing system called Checkpoint. This has been possible because of his broad vocational background, the fact that he is an “insider” to the Behavioral Health field, his understanding of the needs of mental health providers in groups and private practices, and his decade of “hands-on” experience in Behavioral Health billing and solving payment issues. Steve has become known for his extensive experience in “billing” and solving payment issues as well as providing a clinical perspective to those on the Integrity Team and even to those outside of Integrity Support.

Steve is passionate about “serving” others. This has greatly influenced the culture found within the confines of Integrity Support. Serving has been a priority in the way he approaches the development of Integrity Support and in the way he lives his personal life. His life style involves extensive volunteerism and serving his local church.

JoeProfile3Joe Murphy is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Integrity Support, Inc. Since 2005, he has been intimately involved in the development of Integrity Support’s Behavioral Health cloud based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Billing system called Checkpoint.

While pursuing his majors in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration at Trevecca Nazarene University, Joe began his career developing telecommunications billing systems. After graduating, he was instrumental in merging multiple telecom company systems into a single system handling millions of billing transactions daily.

For a brief period, Joe stepped out of telecommunications to move the systems supporting over 2500 restaurants nationwide from the west coast to the new headquarters on the east coast. He then returned to telecommunications to become a systems development executive overseeing a team of developers improving business processes throughout the enterprise.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur, Joe became co-founder and Vice President of a web hosting and Internet development company. Here is where his experience and knowledge of all things Internet brought him and Steve Blakeman together to form Integrity Support.

Joe is driven by his heart to serve others and his fascination with business process improvement. He is passionate about combining these driving forces with his extensive knowledge of technology to automate and improve the efficiency of business processes maximizing the success and overall effectiveness of the people involved.


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