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Born & raised in Long Island New York, Ryan at an early age knew that he was a Fringe Dweller and was never considered a “normal kid.” Ryan always thought differently and while he loved learning, he found school to be incredibly boring. Ryan also drew ire from teachers for constant daydreaming and causing playful chaos. After escaping the clutches of organized religion & societal pressure to “fit in,” Ryan developed an insatiable curiosity for science & spirituality.

Ryan has zero regards for “sacred cows,” any type of collective group thinking, drama, and any institution that puts people on a ‘holier than thou horseshit’ pedestal above others.

On the journey of discovery Ryan has become a passionate animal rights activist. He’s also had the honor of working with several of his mentors including Metaphysical Visionary Stuart Wilde, Howard Stern, Ron Paul, and Michael Levine. Ryan has also spectacularly failed at stand up comedy, dating, having patience, and taking life seriously.

Ryan created the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show to explore consciousness, to give people tools to heal & liberate themselves; to help others accelerate their own self-discovery, to show how science & mysticism can work together, to honor great teachers, and to have a lot of fun.

“Here is where I’m supposed to put a quote about one of my supposed key pieces of wisdom. I’ll bet you were expecting some kind of guru type saying or catchy phrase that could be put on a t-shirt. Don’t have any of that stuff sorry. However, our featured guests have plenty of great quotes. Please listen to some of their shows. As a practical joke, I dare you to print out this quote and paste it on the desk of one of your new New Age thinking friends. Most don’t even read the quotes. If they haven’t removed this quote from their desk in a week chances are they haven’t also read any of those stacks of spiritual books they keep raving about.”
– Ryan McCormick / Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Dr. Kristin Neff joins us on Mental Health News Radio to talk about self-compassion. She studied communications as an undergraduate at the University of California at Los Angeles. She did her graduate work at University of California at Berkeley, studying moral development with Dr. Elliot Turiel. Her dissertation research was conducted in Mysore, India, where she examined children’s moral reasoning. She then spent two years of post-doctoral study with Dr. Susan Harter at Denver University, studying issues of authenticity and self-concept development. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

During Kristin’s last year of graduate school she became interested in Buddhism, and has been practicing meditation in the Insight Meditation tradition ever since. While doing her post-doctoral work she decided to conduct research on self-compassion – a central construct in Buddhist psychology and one that had not yet been examined empirically.

In addition to her pioneering research into self-compassion, she has developed an 8-week program to teach self-compassion skills. The program, co-created with her colleague Chris Germer, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, is called Mindful Self-Compassion. Her book, Self-Compassion, was published by William Morrow in April, 2011. Kristin is currently an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a pioneer in the field of self-compassion research, conducting the first empirical studies on self-compassion over a decade ago. In addition to writing numerous academic articles and book chapters on the topic, she is author of the book Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself released by William Morrow, and the 6 CD audio set called “Self-Compassion Step by Step,” released by Sounds True. In conjunction with her colleague Dr. Chris Germer, she has developed an empirically supported eight-week training program called Mindful Self-Compassion, and offers workshops on self-compassion worldwide. Kristin is also featured in the bestselling book and award-winning documentary The Horse Boy, which chronicles her family’s journey to Mongolia where they trekked on horseback to find healing for her autistic son.

Join your hosts of our series Be Awesome, Kristin Sunanta Walker and Dr. Kristina Hallett, as they talk about The Power of Self with fear strategist, author, and consultant, Robin Joy Meyers.

Women hire Robin to unblock obstacles, distractions, self-doubt and escape fears and those self-sabotaging voices in our head, because often women are challenged with balancing work, relationships and life. She is here to help you reach YOUR VISION & GOALS so that the path you choose inspires you. Activate Bold Choices and live life fearlessly and unapologetically. Take your “Alone” time and make it a time of solitude, growth and empowerment.

Never lose site of your dreams and passions no matter what transition of life you are at. Embrace your life changes as a bridge from the present to the future.

Her mission is to empower women all over the world to use fear to your advantage. #F*FEAR!

What is a truly powerful woman? Is she powerful because of who appointed her to a leadership table or because she appointed herself there? Catherine and Kristin discuss how to navigate your relationships with other women who don’t agree with your brand of leadership.

From Kavanaugh to Dr. Ford to Cosby to Trump to Moonves, women are fighting, in some cases more fiercely than men for men. How do those us of in leadership positions continue to keep our respective ships sailing through the divide?

Catherine Greer Limpo is a listener of a few shows on MHNR Network. She is also a mom, a friend, a leader, a professional, a mentor, a daughter, a sister, and most importantly, a mistake-maker. She has a deep desire to understand how we, as women, connect to one another and to our world as leaders. She identifies as an Oregonian, and is very thankful to live in and enjoy the Pacific Northwest with all of the outdoor beauty it has to offer.

Her mission is to help other women see the leader in themselves in every aspect of life, and despite our suffering or blemishes, to succeed. She has had multiple experiences and careers as a high level executive, and has been so fortunate to build relationships with special people throughout time and across the globe.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network.

Dr. Quinn is author of The Depression Sourcebook, 2nd edition and Wiley Concise Guides to Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder, and is a practicing clinical social worker in Huntington, New York . Dr. Quinn specializes in working with individuals suffering from mood disorders, marital problems and substance abuse in the Long Island area. He received his master’s degree from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. in clinical social work from New York University . He has a post-graduate certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy from Beth Israel Medical Center in New York . Dr. Quinn has appeared on TV and radio talk shows and has lectured to both the public and professionals on mood disorders, marital problems and substance abuse.

Taking your power back after the trauma of being in any kind of a relationship with a toxic abuser is an arduous journey. There are strong voices out there, however, offering the guidance and hope we all need in order to heal. Evelyn Ryan is one of the people leading the charge empowering victims of abuse to own their power, understand the pain that keeps them involved in abusive relationships, and break free for good.

With a special focus on how people with extraordinary gifts of empathy are, in fact, targeted by people with narcissistic personality disorder (sociopathy, psychopathy), we delve into why many have walked through their lives with what feels like a target on their back.

Please join us for a frank discussion with Evelyn about her book, her advocacy work, coaching with survivors, and how she came to be one of the authorities on working with the pain addiction of abuse survivors in order for true healing to begin.

You started out in a total different industry. How and why did you branch out to helping others heal from narcissistic abuse?

What is theme of the book?

So you discuss empaths and how narcissists target them in the book?

How did you discover this?

What did you discover?

What is an empath?

And what did the McGregor studies show?

Why do narcissists, bullies, and psychopaths target empaths?

This seems so depraved and evil. Where do the narcissists develop these skills?

What can empaths do?

Dr. Nolan Williams, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. We speak about new treatment options for use in treatment-resistant patients with OCD, including brain stimulation. A deep TMS device was recently FDA approved for the treatment of treatment-resistant OCD.

Deep brain stimulation works to target specific areas of the brain and can affect the treatment of certain disorders including OCD and depression. Brain stimulation devices utilizing transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technology have also recently been approved to treat disorders including OCD and depression.

About OCD: Over 1.2 million OCD patients are considered treatment resistant to first-line therapies, including SSRIs. After first-line therapies fail, many physicians consider neuromodulation options such as brain surgery. A new, non-invasive neuromodulation strategy involves TMS targeting the anterior cingulate cortex region of the brain. In addition to providing another treatment option for patients and improving patient quality of life, TMS may also be more cost effective for patients.

Join Dr. Marc Feldman and retired dog breeder “Styles Bennet” to discuss Munchausen by Proxy in cases where animals are medically abused so their owners can garner attention.

Marc D. Feldman, M.D. is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Adjunct Professor of Psychology, the University of Alabama (UA), Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, he is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in the professional literature. Dr. Feldman is an international expert in factitious disorder, Munchausen syndrome, Munchausen by proxy, and malingering, and his credits include five books including Dying to be Ill.



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