K. Thor Jensen is a writer and cartoonist living in the Pacific Northwest. He has contributed to dozens of prestigious outlets, including PCMag, Tested, Clickhole, and Game Informer. He is currently finishing his second graphic novel, Cloud Stories, which will be released in 2015. Follow him on Twitter @kthorjensen.

He joins Melanie Vann to discuss caregiver burnout, diabetes, and his journey with mental health struggles.

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Alteration. Conversion. Transformation. Adaptation.

No matter how you label it, the capacity for humans to alter their own perspectives through lived experience and new found focus in order to find purpose and direction in life is fascinating to watch and listen to.

Rob Lohman is an agent for these things, for growth and change. He works tirelessly to broadcast his podcast ‘Beyond The Bars Radio’ on the Mental Health News Radio network and he does it with a soft approach that doesn’t just sound genuine.

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Service is defined by the Webster Dictionary as “the act of helping or doing work for someone.”

Johnnie Calloway, an author and mental health news radio network podcaster has a strong philosophy on service. Whether it’s connecting with listeners to his show ‘Morph Into A New You!’ in a way that conveys conviction and compassion or taking the time to personalize a copy of one of his books including ‘“Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man’ and ‘Taming The Dragon’ while making each event a real, human experience centered around wellness and optimism.

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“I always loved the radio because I felt like I had company.” – Joseph Fusaro

In a world that seemingly is more and more about individual success finding Inspiration and being a voice in the community are key. This is especially necessary in the creative process whether you’re an artist, painter, sculptor or in Joseph’s case, a podcaster at the Mental Health News Radio network.

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The phrase “beyond your past” isn’t just another commanding cliche in the ever-popular world of mental health, self help, awareness and wellness.

For Matt Pappas, a gifted podcaster and expert communicator the concept of going beyond your past isn’t just another trendy mental health fad, either.

It’s a way of life.

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Claudia Moscovici, founder of Psychopathy Awareness Blog (psychopathyawareness.wordpress.com) joins Andrea Schneider, LCSW today to discuss the prevalence of psychopathy and the covert nature of this form of psychological abuse. She shares with listeners her expertise on how the public can be informed and protected from psychopathic (and narcissistic) abuse.

Listen to her interview with The Savvy Shrink’s Andrea Schneider

Moscovici was born in Bucharest, Romania. At the age of 12, she immigrated with her family to the United States where she has gone on to obtain a B.A. from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Brown University. Moscovici taught philosophy, literature and arts and ideas at Boston University and at the University of Michigan. Born in Bucharest, Romania, she writes from her experience of life in a totalitarian regime, which marked her deeply.

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What do you do when people aren’t making time for you?

Do you personalize it by feeling hurt?

Or do you empower yourself by remembering that it isn’t about you?

If you’re personalizing it, then read on! In this article, I will help you to stop feeling hurt when people aren’t making time for you.

Nowadays, people are very busy. They are working–sometimes a couple of jobs–as well going to school and/or raising children. They are active on the social scene and participate in their hobbies. They volunteer, mentor, coach, and contribute to other activities. Their lives are hectic.

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Kim Saeed is someone I’ve followed online for over a year. Her blog articles are amongst the top searches for all things related to healing from narcissistic abuse. She is unique in her approach because she focuses so much on the healing process which is considerable. Experts say it takes more time to recover from a breakup with a narcissist (be that a friendship, colleague, family member, partner, or spouse) because you have to grieve twice. You grieve first for the person the narcissist pretended to be (your most loyal friend, soulmate, perfect boss) and then you grieve yet again about the horror of who they actually are: your worst nightmare.

Exactly like drug addiction you are high from the intensity during the initial stages of the relationship. You spend the rest of the entire relationship wanting to get back to that initial high that never comes. Being in a relationship with a narcissist is akin to being addicted to heroin. It will slowly kill you. Every time you leave and are wooed back it is worse which is why the term “No Contact” is the crucial point of Kim’s practice.

I am honored to have her as a guest on Mental Health News Radio. We go in depth about what these relationships are like, why it is imperative to cut off all contact for good, and how important your healing process is so you can recover.

Life truly does begin after No Contact.


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Our newest guest was researched and found by our Mental Health News Radio co-host Melanie Vann. This is a subject near and dear to her heart so it was important to interview one of the leading experts on Sensory Processing Disorder. Autism, and ADHD.

Maria Rickert Hong is an author, speaker, and practitioner working with parents and children all over the United States. Through her own experiences as a parent of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, Maria discusses her journey aiding her family to wellness.

With personal stories as well as examples of her work with parents and children, she answers our pointed questions, offers guidance, and hope.

Please enjoy Maria Rickert Hong on Mental Health News Radio!


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Passionate people in the healthcare field are often hard to come by. We find it impossible to simply go through the motions when it comes to our lives and our work. Thankfully we at Mental Health News Radio and everythingEHR are infectious. We meet incredible people like Theresa Wray who then introduce us to more incredible people like our guest Tom Dahlborg.

It’s always terrific when you have chemistry with a guest. Tom and I certainly have that passion that added some zing to our very comfortable conversation about where healthcare is going. And, where Tom is leading necessary change towards a more compassionate and thoughtful patient experience.

Please welcome Tom Dahlborg to Mental Health News Radio.


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