MHNR Network proudly presents another In My Mind conference presenter. This year’s conference is one for the record books. The In My Mind conference endeavors to end stigma surrounding the LGBTQ community and mental health. Host, Kristin Walker, interviews Adioa Osei. Adjoa is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Brooklyn, NY. She received her doctorate from Long Island University, Post campus in 2014. She has experience working in inpatient and outpatient settings with adults diagnosed with a range of mental illnesses and experiencing various stressors. Her research interests include experiences of minority doctoral students, racial identity development, the LGBT community in Africa, and therapeutic uses of Hip Hop.

Women Who Lead

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Women Who Lead

Women Who Lead

Join Melanie Vann, Dr. Paul Meier, and Grant Davis as they discuss anxiety and medication on this weeks Round Table discussion.

Melanie is the Program Director of MHNR Network.

Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of, a best-selling author and practicing psychiatrist.

Grant Davis is new to the show and is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Grant provides psychiatric medication management for children, adolescents, and adults. His approach to medication management is client focused and collaborative based on information shared between clinician and the client. Grant believes that a strong therapeutic relationship between clinician and patient is vital for positive mental health outcomes.

Join us for new and regular conversations with Dr. George Simon. Dr. Simon is an internationally-recognized expert on manipulators and other problem characters and the author of 3 bestselling books: In Sheep’s Clothing (which has been translated into 12 foreign languages), Character Disturbance, and The Judas Syndrome. He’s made appearances on several major television (Fox News Network, CNN, CBS 48 Hours).

Until recently, Dr. Simon maintained an active private practice dedicated to assisting individuals develop character and helping empower victims in relationships with disturbed characters. In addition to providing psychotherapy services, he specialized in anxiety and anger management, comprehensive personality assessments, mental health professional training, and consultation to businesses and organizations on how to deal with problem characters. Dr. Simon also recently retired as a supervising psychologist for the Arkansas Dept. of Correction. For 6 years he provided clinical oversight to the community risk assessment program for registered sex offenders, and more recently provided similar oversight for the newly expanded and re-vamped prison-based sex offender treatment program. He has given numerous workshops on the various sex offender typologies and offender treatment and management strategies. He helped secure a DOJ grant through Center for Sex Offender Management, and is a member of the grant’s standing committee.

Visit his website at

Kerry Magro is an award winning national speaker who is on the autism spectrum. A recent Masters graduate from Seton Hall University, he is CEO and Founder of KFM Making a Difference, a non-profit corporation focused on disability advocacy and housing. Kerry, a professional member of the National Speakers Association, has spoken at more than 400 venues across the country and Canada since starting college in 2007. One of his recent accomplishments was consulting for the 2012 motion picture hit “Joyful Noise” starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. The film earned over 30 million dollars in theaters worldwide! Kerry is now consulting for two more films set to come out in 2015 including “Jane Wants a Boyfriend” and “Don’t’ Foil My Plans.” What makes this achievement exceptional is that he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 and was largely nonverbal till he was 2 and a half. Today Kerry writes about his experiences on the autism spectrum from the heart to help others overcome obstacles. Kerry wanted to write this book to help show his passion and his heart to others while trying to make people understand that autistic people deserved to be loved. Kerry credits most of his progress to the undeniable love of his two parents Robert and Suzanne Mack-Magro.

Join podcasters, Melanie Vann and Kristin Sunanta Walker, for a discussion on our popular series, Empowered Empaths, about the difference between Walls and Boundaries. We’ve used the term “Shields Up” in order to align ourselves with protection. This is an interesting stage on your road to recovery. After a while those “shields” or walls don’t need to stay up as they are replaced by healthy and firm boundaries. We do agree, however, that walls are necessary and no contact is a vital part of the healing process when it comes to narcissistic abuse.

Melanie Vann is the Program Director of Mental Health News Radio. She also hosts Memoirs of Madness on the network and is the owner of Your Wise Therapist, LLC.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the founder and CEO of MHNR Network, host of Mental Health News Radio, and CEO of everythingEHR.

Join hosts Joseph Fusaro and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they interview Mike Esposito and John Tessitore. Mike and John are founding members of the organization JCK Foundation. The foundation was created to further the work of John Cleaver Kelly who succumbed to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in March 2011. The Foundation continues John’s initial mission to educate and mentor students with OCD and other mental health disorders.

Spiritual warfare is a topic that a lot of people might shy away from but we dive right into our own understandings of what this means, how we believe it has affected our mental health, and our anxiety.

What an important but challenging topic: Lying. The lies we tell ourselves. The lies we tell others. Join our three hosts for a discussion on different types of lying.

Dr. Paul Meier is a practicing Psychiatrist, the founder of Meier Clinics, and the author of several best selling books.

Melanie Vann is the host of Memoirs of Madness and Program Director for MHNR Network.

Kristin Walker is the CEO of MHNR Network and host of Mental Health News Radio.

Immigration in the world. Immigration in the United States (a country created by immigrants). It’s in the news and the news is not good. Join Dr. John Huber of Mainsteam Mental Health and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they discuss the impact this can have on children, their parents, our society.

This is our weekly short show on what’s going in the news that affects mental health!

Join Melanie Vann and lead consultant and psychotherapist Rahim Thawer as they talk about authenticity and acceptance in the LBGTQ+ community. Rahim will be presenting at the In My Mind Conference in New York hosted by DBGM.

Rahim brings a nuanced cultural perspective and an interest in issues around intersectionality to his clinical and organizational practice. His work experience has encompassed program coordination, community engagement, resource development, mental health consultation, post-secondary teaching and psychotherapy.


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