Join podcasters, Melanie Vann and Kristin Sunanta Walker, for a discussion on our popular series, Empowered Empaths, about the difference between Walls and Boundaries. We’ve used the term “Shields Up” in order to align ourselves with protection. This is an interesting stage on your road to recovery. After a while those “shields” or walls don’t need to stay up as they are replaced by healthy and firm boundaries. We do agree, however, that walls are necessary and no contact is a vital part of the healing process when it comes to narcissistic abuse.

Melanie Vann is the Program Director of Mental Health News Radio. She also hosts Memoirs of Madness on the network and is the owner of Your Wise Therapist, LLC.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the founder and CEO of MHNR Network, host of Mental Health News Radio, and CEO of everythingEHR.

Martha Juchnowski, Rn is a healing facilitator and creator of Source Harmonics, an approach to healing using intuitive spiritual counseling and integrative energy work to guide the individual to discover the healer within and their sacred highest self. She will be a podcaster on Mental Health News Radio Network in the near future. Today she joins Melanie Vann and Kristin Walker on our most popular podcast: Empowered Empaths.

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True Empaths handle misunderstandings in unique ways. We handle them from a place of love and empowerment. Join Melanie Vann, Melissa Richards, and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they delve into the very human experience of misunderstandings. This can be a road fraught with danger when dealing with toxic personalities. We handle them with grace and need to take to heart that whether or not someone follows the wisdom we may be imparting is not our concern. Join them on this informative journey around crossing those roads safely.

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How many of you have felt triggered reading and hearing about the Harvey Weinstein allegations? Many of our listeners have. We have. We support the #metoo movement spearheaded by actress Alyssa Milano and have a very powerful discussion with host Kristin Sunanta Walker, Melanie Vann, and Melissa Richards about sexual misconduct and abuse.

We’ve learned that while the abuser and society may wish to paint those who come forward as people who:

Can’t seem to “move on” or “let things go”

Are vitriolic

Are unfair

Are “crazy”

Are only women

This is simply not the case. Uncomfortable topics need to be discussed. Every victim and then survivor of sexual harassment has their own journey to recovery. As you evolve, your voice and understanding of what you experienced changes. It does not disappear.

Being quiet supports the abuser not the abused. It also supports those who enable and act as accomplices to the abusers.

This is not gender specific.

The days of “men are just men” are over.

For Good.

Thank you for joining us on this poignant and deeply personal show.

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Counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Walker discussing how people with high empathy can be starved emotionally. Putting your hearts on the line day in and day out can become draining and unhealthy. How do we stop the madness when someone in high drama is bleeding us dry? We also discuss how emotional manipulators purposely manage us down in order to keep us giving them what they need.

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Join counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Sunanta Walker discussing how highly empathic individuals end up walking on eggshells while navigating relationships. Loose editing on this one as we really bare our souls and get into the muck of emotional mortar fire. How do we identify these patterns early on and decide whether or not we want to engage.

The shows where we are steeped in our own vulnerability are always the most downloaded. This is one of those shows.

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Join counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Walker on a powerful show about chaos, drama, squeaky wheels, and being ultra responsible for IT ALL. Is codependency the “blame” for all that ails you or is it something more? Negative relationships require participation from all sides but we can choose how much of our emotional capital is used to defuse people and the drama they create, including our own dramatics!

Pay attention the quiet ones that enter your field of experience and learn to share yourself with those that don’t bring chaos and histrionics into your life.

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