Dr. Cali Estes joins us again on Mental Health News Radio LIVE from The Navigating the World of Addiction conference put on by Rob Lohman. As always, Cali is frank and controversial. She says it like it is and wowed the audience with her knowledge of the addiction world. Tune in as we sit down for a quick chat to discuss the venue and what it is like being a disrupter in the addiction treatment world.

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Broadcasting LIVE from the Navigating the World of Addiction conference in Littleton, Colorado, Dr. Dawn Obrecht shares her passion for the field of addiction treatment. She has traveled the globe and is the author of three books. Visit her Amazon author page here.

Dawn V. Obrecht, M.D., was graduated from the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and did an internship in general surgery and residency in emergency medicine. She has been the medical director of a chemical dependency unit and is a professor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. For many years she had a busy family medicine practice. Licensed in several states, she now travels to small, rural communities, filling in for physicians who need time off.

Having been in recovery from drug addiction for over a quarter century, Dr. Obrecht uses her experience with life-threatening illness to identify with and help others to heal and to hear God. DocDawn lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with her husband, Erik Landvik, where she writes and consults in addiction medicine between her travels.

Just as Dr. Obrecht found the courage and support needed to surface from 20 years of addiction with her professional skills and caring spirit intact – she has found a way, in this book, to not only help the addict but to also entertainingly enlighten family members, non-addicts and other physicians on the importance of their role in also understanding the recovery process.

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We met Kevin Petersen, LMFT at the Navigating the World of Addiction conference put on by Rob Lohman. He came in at the last minute to take over as one of the keynote speakers. Kevin Petersen, LMFT is a dedicated, caring, and understanding professional who works with families in crisis. Kevin was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA and earned a bachelors from USC in 1994, and enjoyed a prosperous career in Sales and Marketing before he decided to return to school in 2008. Kevin has earned a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has a Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counseling both from Regis University. He started his career working as a therapist for Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network in Child and Family Services in 2011. Kevin opened his private practice, Petersen Family Counseling, in 2014 and specializes in working with families and individuals struggling with addictions, codependency, and parenting.

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Author and businessman Kevin Cullis joins us LIVE from Navigating the World of Addiction in Littleton Colorado. We discuss his theory on having a poverty mindset and how to change your thinking about prosperity. His books can be found on Amazon here.

Kevin Cullis is a former USAF officer, currently a business geek and an entrepreneur. He has his Masters Degree in Administration as well as 12 years of face-to-face experience selling both Macs and PCs to businesses. He loves helping entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners integrate, utilize, and optimize their marketing, sales, and business management processes to be profitable. The combination of both a business and a computer process perspectives makes him unique in saving and making money, especially when using a Mac. “How to Start a Business: Mac Version” is his first book.

His second book, “HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business?: Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs” came about while discussing business with former Navy SEAL SOC Jimmy Graham. Did you know that in the parable of the talents a talent was up to 200 LBS OF GOLD? At 75 lbs one talent is worth in todays dollars $1.44 MILLION. One slave got over $7 MILLION to work with. Di you also know that 85% of the parable Jesus spoke were business topics? HWJDB goes into some details on how moral businesses should be.

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James Healy is an Addiction Recovery Specialist, Podcast Host & Radio Show Producer. Join James as he talks shop with our founder, Kristin Sunanta Walker, about podcasting. James and Kristin met at the Navigating the World of Addiction conference in Littleton, Co. They talk about his journey to sobriety and his dedication to helping others suffering from addiction.

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We had the pleasure of meeting Randy and Lydia Grimes at the Navigating the World of Addiction conference in Littleton Colorado. Randy and Lydia were there with the treatment center they passionately serve Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. Sharing the stage to discuss their story as a family was inspiring for all of us.  Randy made sure to invite Lydia to join him to share her part of the journey as well.  Addiction is a family disease and hearing from both husband and wife was powerful. Randy was an American football player who played center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1983 to 1992. He also played for Baylor University during the early 1980’s and was part of the 1980 Southwest Conference Champion Bears. He is now an interventionist, speaker, and part of the team at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.

Our podcast is known for Keeping it Real and that is exactly what you get with Randy. This was very personal for the entire team at Mental Health News Radio and many of our listeners. A healing took place for all of us since meeting Randy and especially for our host Kristin Walker during this intimate and poignant interview. Our heartfelt thanks go out to him, his wife Lydia, his family and the staff of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.

Randy and Lydia continue to share their experience with addiction and recovery using their knowledge to help not only athletes but any family struggling with their road to recovery. We are honored to take part in working with Randy sharing the stories of the many lives saved because of USING YOUR VOICE.

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Barbra Russell joins us LIVE from Navigating the World of Addiction in Littleton Colorado. She became a Licensed Professional Counselor as a “second career” and has spent many hours working with individuals, couples and families in her private practice. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Counseling and that “second career” prompted a move from Pueblo to Denver, Colorado where she works as the Director of the Counseling Department at the Potter’s House Church.

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Join hosts Johnnie Calloway and Kristin Sunanta Walker LIVE at the 2017 Navigating the World of Addiction conference as they interview Co-founder and President Aaron Huey of Fire Mountain Programs. Aaron was a presenter at this  year’s event.  He was as fired up in our interview as he was on stage! So much empowerment and wisdom to share.

Aaron has been working with children, teens and parents for over 18 years. After ten years directing camps and empowerment programs around the world, Aaron opened Fire Mountain because he wanted to work with kids and families on a deeper level. Over the first few years of running programs like Teen Rites of Passage The Warrior Phoenix Challenge, and numerous cries for help from parents, Aaron realized the need to turn his efforts towards teens struggling with drugs, alcohol and the behaviors and issues related to addiction. An addict in recovery since 2000, he felt a calling to put together an expert team and open Fire Mountain. His mission is to awaken confidence and leadership. “It‘s not about being better, it‘s about giving up the struggle to be different from who you are.”

Aaron’s formal educational background is in acting. He graduated from the top acting school in the US, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1990. His skills in comedy and drama make him an  influential speaker and presenter, and a favorite among the kids. His confidence, compassion and humor set the tone for deep healing, and fun.

Aaron is also trained as an EMT, a Wilderness Survival Instructor and Martial Arts teacher, all of which he weaves into the Fire Mountain RTC curriculum.

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Trisha Grose, author, public speaker,  and real estate agent at Spirit Bear Realty in Colorado. Ms. Grose is currently completing this book with the support and love of her family, friends, and co-workers.  Her book, Beauty From His Ashes, is about being a parent of a teen addicted to Heroin, the struggles associated with Brendan’s recovery, the holes in our system for caring for these children, and the grief of losing God’s most precious gift – a child.

Trisha joins us LIVE at the Navigating the World of Addiction conference in Littleton, Colorado. She was one of the keynote presenters for this intimate and incredible FREE conference put on by Mr. Rob Lohman.

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Grant Hanson joins our host Kristin Walker LIVE at the Navigating the World of Addicition conference in Colorado. Grant first began to seek recovery while still a teenager. After experiencing all the things that he thought would never happen to him, like eventually living on the street, using needles, and a couple of prison stints, he found a desperation unlike any he had ever known. There was not a thing he wouldn’t do if it meant staying sober. He is passionate about recovery and driven by a sense of purpose and dedication to helping families as well as individuals that are struggling with substance use disorders.  He came to Recovery Unplugged with a few years experience in the treatment industry, which started out with a job washing dishes. Thanks to some amazing people along the way any and his willingness to follow suggestion, he is now an Outreach Manager at their Texas location.

Recovery Unplugged uses the power of music to help our patients heal from drug and alcohol addiction. Their staff is made up of experienced and qualified addiction care professionals and acclaimed songwriters and musicians. These professionals have come together to lend their expertise to a truly unique and effective recovery program. If you or a loved one is battling addiction or substance abuse, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you heal through music-based treatment and recovery.

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