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Join our hosts Kristin Walker and The Mental Health Comedian, Frank King, for a wonderful discussion about grief – we’d say a unique one. Jan Warner joins us and we quickly experienced why her book and her discussions about grief are so popular.

About Jan Warner

When my husband died I thought I would miss him very much and be sad. i didn’t know I would feel totally devastated. After the first chaotic year I needed to find meaning again in a life that seemed meaningless without him. I decided to honor him by being available to grieving people the way he, as a recovering alcoholic, was available to alcoholics and addicts. I started a blog and then the Facebook page Grief Speaks Out. My goal was to reach one person. I had no idea that the Facebook page would become a supportive community of over 2 million people from almost every country in the world. Now I have a written a book to be able to share my experience in how to be fully alive with grief.

I believe that honoring grief is honoring love. I want my husband’s life to matter more than his death but I will always grieve his loss. My goal was to have more productive moments and more joyous moments. I love being a grandmother. I have produced plays and documentary films. I love to travel around the world and have been to all seven continents. Even after nine years there are days when everything falls apart. I have a letter from my husband telling me how he watches me fall down and then get back up again. He writes that he loves me and is proud of me for this. I hope I am still making him proud.

It seems impossible that I have lived on so long without him. Yet, within that impossibility, I have had many adventures I never could have imagined. What I have been told most often is that I articulate what other people are thinking and cannot find the words to say. Whatever brought you to this page, whatever you are feeling is exactly where you should be. Whatever changes you wish you could make, you can – but in your own time – when you are ready. Together we can find ways to have our grief inspire us rather than deaden us.

I have a Master’s in Counseling Degree and have studied NLP, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. I have been doing my FB page for over 5 years. It is humbling to think that I have created such a loving, supportive, international community for myself and fellow grievers. i hope Grief Day by Day will also be a loving support for grief warriors everywhere.

Yes – public speaking is still one of the major fears of a lot of people. How about speaking in public and dealing with mental health challenges? Tricia Brouk joins our Be Awesome series hosted by Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker. We learn from a pro how to navigate the world of professional public speaking.

Tricia Brouk is an award winning director. She is also writes and choreographs for theater, film and television. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, she applies her expertise to the art of public speaking. She’s the executive producer of Speakers Who dare, a TEDx producer. She choreographed Black Box on ABC, The Affair on Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and John Turturro’s Romance and Cigarettes, where she was awarded a Golden Thumb Award from Roger Ebert. The series Sublets, won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web-Festival. The documentary short she directed and produced This Dinner is Full was official selection at The New York Women in Film and Television Short Festival, as well as the New York City Independent Film Festival. She curates and hosts the Speaker Salon in NYC, The Big Talk a podcast on iTunes and directs and produces The Big Talk Over Dinner a new TV series.

Join your cohosts Evelyn M. Ryan and Kristin Sunanta Walker to discuss what loving yourself really means especially when we’ve been taught and believe we aren’t lovable.

Evelyn holds advanced degrees in science and management as well as multiple professional certifications in life and health coaching, organizational excellence, and process improvement. She is a recognized expert and published author in quality management and has worked nationally and internationally for several world-class research institutions and agencies supporting high risk operations and national and international security.

Purchase Evelyn’s groundbreaking book, Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips and Tools for Abuse Survivors.

Join hosts Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker for one of those conversations that flew by in what felt like ten minutes but lasted almost an hour. Jazz Biancci, CAPP, founder and creator of The Consciousness Project 2020, is an Author, Speaker and Channel. She joins us for one of those deep and resonating conversations we absolutely love.

Jazz Biancci helps people access their invisible influences to discover what they don’t know they don’t know, to have a greater impact in the world. Jazz has been a speaker at the Fit, Feminine & Fierce Conference in NYC, the Speaker Salon NYC, and a panelist at Soul Clarity & Abundance Live. She is currently the online host and co-producer of, co-host and producer of Spiraling Inspiration on, producer of Healing & Becoming The Divine Masculine, and producer and moderator of The Summer Series LIVE: Anchoring During Troubled Times, and Conscious Masculinity Part ll: Diving Deeper.

Michael Garrett is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNS Healthcare. He joins our hosts David Ballenberger and Kristin Sunanta Walker to talk about integrated care and mental health. A topic not completely understood by many in the mental health field. Michael talks about this in relation to CNS Healthcare and the industry in general.

Michael K. Garrett is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Budgeting, Social Services, Government, and Managerial Finance. Strong business development professional with a Master of Science (M.S.) focused in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University.

Join host Melanie Vann as she interviews Jeff Beck, co-founder of AnswersNow, an autism app that connects parents with real time BCBA therapists. Jeff Beck is the CEO and co-founder of AnswersNow. Jeff is a licensed clinician and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping families work through their unique challenges. In his previous role as a child and family therapist, he recognized that parents of children with special needs were lacking immediate, personalized, reliable and trusted help.

That is when AnswersNow, a platform that simplifies on-demand support for caregivers of children with special needs, was born. Prior to AnswersNow, Jeff established a behavioral health program while working for Virginia Care Partners (an HCA subsidiary) and was the director of Community-Based Services at St. Joseph’s Villa. He received his MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University. He lives in the north side with his wife Amy, their 2-month old Sonny and their dog Millie.

What does it mean for female leaders to lead as themselves? Join hosts Catherine Greer Limpo and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they explore the statements below on this terrific show in our Women Who Lead series on Mental Health News Radio.

Leading as ourselves:

– being our actual selves
– speaking as we think or feel
– sharing our opinions as they are without bias
– having no fear in the way that we interact with others
– using our personal experiences to storytell and guide
– using our histories as a leaders tool
– current philosophies of the authentic leader
– authentic leader- diagram below
– Brene Brown- daring to lead, gifts of imperfection
– critique of authentic leadership not just tailoring of leadership to the audience
– following principles of experience, introspection, feedback, adjustment
– have movements like #metoo made it easier to be ourselves?
– speaking the truth
– the leadership opportunity
– our uniqueness and weaknesses makes us stronger
– 5 ways to develop strengths- 5-ways-discover-and-develop-your-unique-strengths
– ways our deepest weaknesses make us strong
– celebrating failure
– we can lead even through the things that create affect in our lives
– these things lend to our experience and our story
– these things make us authentic leaders who show up as themselves

Catherine Greer Limpo is a listener of a few shows on MHNR Network. She is also a mom, a friend, a leader, a professional, a mentor, a daughter, a sister, and most importantly, a mistake-maker. She has a deep desire to understand how we, as women, connect to one another and to our world as leaders. She identifies as an Oregonian, and is very thankful to live in and enjoy the Pacific Northwest with all of the outdoor beauty it has to offer.

Her mission is to help other women see the leader in themselves in every aspect of life, and despite our suffering or blemishes, to succeed. She has had multiple experiences and careers as a high level executive, and has been so fortunate to build relationships with special people throughout time and across the globe.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network.

Dr. Paul Meier received The Great American Award and shares with our listening family what this award is for and how he experienced the ceremony.

We also talk about stalkers, trollers, bullying, harassment, and cyber-stalking. What it looks like, what you are dealing with, how to report the abuse, and how to disengage from these severely mentally ill people who need proper treatment for their predatory behaviors.

Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of the multi-state, non-profit mental health outpatient organization Meier Clinics, a practicing psychiatrist, best-selling author, and international speaker.

Melanie Vann has her MA in Counseling Psychology. She is the Program Director for MHNR Network and host of Memoirs of Madness.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the founder of MHNR Network and host of Mental Health News Radio.


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