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Christine Louis de Canonville: What is No Contact with a Narcissistic Abuser?

ChristineCanonville_primary_photo-v2 BOOK COVEROur most requested guest returns to discuss the term NO CONTACT in relation to Narcissistic Abuse. Author and therapist Christine Louis de Canonville is back to discuss No Contact and Low Contact with Cluster B personality types.

Christine’s shows are downloaded well into the thousands every month and she’s quickly become the go-to expert when it comes to educating anyone working in and with the field of behavioral health about the subject of narcissistic personality disorder. Before we air any show we take the temperature of our listeners to find out which questions come up repeatedly. Lately we’ve been inundated with requests around what it means to extricate yourself from a toxic relationship and how to do this safely (emotionally and physically). Sometimes it does involve some “trickery” on your part. Please enjoy our latest and, again, be prepared to take notes. Christine’s advice around this topic is invaluable.


There are many articles out there about what it means to go No Contact or Low Contact with toxic individuals. We discuss why this action is imperative. It is due to the trauma bond with the toxic individual(s) and subsequent cognitive dissonance you experience. There is NO way to successfully heal without cutting ties. Because of employment, family, children, etc. a full break may be impossible. You cannot heal, however, without instilling some form of low contact. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally impossible. There are also levels of no contact which take place over time, as you heal.

We’d also like to dispel the myth around believing that once you know what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that you will never run into these people again. They exist and will always come in and out of your experience. Because of my visibility on the radio show, I am contacted not only by victims/survivors but also narcissists claiming to be victims of abuse. Even some who are clinicians. It is a slippery condition that takes education and continual work on your own healing in order to determine who it is you are dealing with and how entrenched they become in your life. I’ve learned how to spot them sooner, how to make myself less attractive to them (see Gray Rock Method), and how to extricate myself with as little fan fair as possible.  It is never easy nor is it pain free.

I am also blessed to have a powerful support network that I freely share with my colleagues, friends, family, and our listeners. The number one assets and necessary superpowers are EMPATHY and SUPPORT.  You have it here at Mental Health News Radio Network and everythingEHR.

Christine Louis de Canonville joins us from Dublin, Ireland. She is a gracious, series regular. Her book, “The Three Faces of Evil,” is available for purchase on or her website Christine’s educational background includes her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Theology. She also holds diplomas in Forensic Psychology, Criminology and Teaching as well as studying Medical Anthropology.

*Examples given regarding Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Psychopathy, or Sociopathology may be related to the guest or host’s experiences over vast interactions in their field. An amalgamation of experiences may be described but may not represent any specific entity. Should any listeners resonate with the information discussed or written, a list of licensed professionals will be made available upon request. 


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Comments (3)

  • Miss Canonville, I am a 19 year survivor of a marriage with a Narcissist/Gaslighter who is presently in the middle of a NASTY DIVORCE from him PRAISE GOD!!!! . I had read highlights of your book online and would love to buy it, but the Amazon site says it is no longer available and your website is not accessible?
    Please tell me where I can go to purchase “Three Faces of Evil”.
    Thank you so much,

    • Hi- we forwarded your email and comment to Christine Louis de Canonville and she’ll be in touch soon to help you get a copy of her book. Her website was down for a little bit but it’s back up now.

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