Chronicles of a Ghetto Rose with Artist Moise Morancy

Moise Morancy is a 21 year old American actor, director, hip-hop recording artist, poet, writer and activist from Brooklyn, New York. He’s best known for his acting roles/projects and his hardcore, thought provoking, uncensored rap music. A tough exterior and with good reason, he often expresses that it derives from pain and hardship. He likes to say “without change, one cannot grow” and the ability to do both are some of his greatest attributes.

It was our privilege to spend an hour taking a deep dive with Moise into his background, his career, therapy, and his advocacy. Please enjoy his interview below:

Listen to the Show!

Who he is begins with his mother. She is an educated woman who came to America for a better life but her goals were derailed by a man who knowingly gave her the AIDS virus, that man – is his father. In the early 90’s, his sick mother was abandoned by his father and left homeless as she gave birth to Moise. Luckily, he was born without the disease. To say God is good would be an understatement! Though God is great, the road to success has not been easy. He truly believes it’s been difficult for a reason, to teach him the importance of family and love. It has given him a purpose in life. And that purpose is to be an entertainer!

Moise was recently on the front page of the Daily News and other media publications for saving a young girl from a sexual predator. He received well deserved global attention especially as he was honored by the NYPD with a personalized “Good Samaritan” award. We talk in depth about his dealings with the police and this experience certainly expanded his perspective.

What makes Moise different from many is that he has a unique story and he wears multiple hats. His appeal can reach a number of demographics which is something we strive for here at Mental Health News Radio. Yes, he does make rap music. It is intense but that is only one side to this multi-layered and talented young man. He is also an eloquent speaker for which he credits mentors such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali , President Barack and Michelle Obama.

Please enjoy several of his projects listed below:

Featuring Braf and directed, produced and edited by Moise: Ghetto Rose:

Meeting his father for this first time in 20 years:

Dear President Obama:

90’s babies:

Juice remake:

law-and-orderHe also played a Trayvon Martin inspired character on Law & Order: SVU, as well as, performing on Broadway and the critically acclaimed Showtime series: The Affair and others.

He just released his debut project, “Chronicles of a Ghetto Rose.” It’s a jewel hiding in plain sight.

Chronicles of a Ghetto Rose takes you back to where we find eight year old Moise Morancy being raised in the inner city by his single mother. He is surrounded by gang violence, drugs, crooked police, conniving friends and more. There are many negative influences that start to lure him down the wrong path. You are the product of your environment but you’re also a product of your choices. Let’s see what Moise decides!”

Enjoy the full project here:


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