Empowered Female Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Darlene Aiken

Darlene Aiken joins us on Mental Health News Radio to talk about what it means to be an empowered female entrepreneur. It was so refreshing to speak to a peer. We have a similar makeup and drive. Both of us love our work and we also have to pull ourselves into things outside of work to nourish our personal lives. Darlene is a powerful woman that takes excellent care of her clients who are peak performers while continuing to foster her own success. Join us as we discuss what it means to be an excellent business woman who fosters excellence with her clientele.


Questions and Answers from Darlene Aiken:

What is the name of your company?

D. Aiken & Associates Worldwide

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been a successful businesswoman for over two decades, however, D. Aiken & Associates Worldwide just turned one year old this month (April). We will be celebrating during our first Profession (Professional) Business Mixer on Wednesday, April 20th. Download the press release on her upcoming events: Newest Celebrity and Top Notch Clients – 2016

Who are some of your clientele?

I have powerful businessmen & women,  celebrities, former professional athlete, High powered authors, educators, Successful, artists, politicians, licensed professionals,  & on the speaking side. As for the consulting side, pretty much the same caliber.

How did you attract so many celebrities and high-end clients?

Well, my company is the Preeminent Personal & Professional Development Consulting Firm & Speakers Bureau Which means we appeal to a certain caliber of professionals. When I say caliber, I mean distinguished mindsets. People who want to elevate their professional imprints and who are serious about effecting a positive change within their lives regardless of their current level.

How does one become a speaker with your bureau?

Via referral only unless we are hosting a special solicitation.

Where is your office located? Any plans to open additional offices?

Our main office is in the Empire State Building and our administrative office is in Brightwaters, NY on Long Island. By mid-2018 we are slated to open offices in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Ghana, West Africa, and Guyana.

Are all of your clients from New York?

No. My clients hail from Paris, France, Miami, Michigan, New York, Virginia, & other places.

How do you secure speaking engagements for your clients? 

Through various networks, via other clients, professional friends, and please keep in mind that I became an international bestselling author by writing the book on networking.

Have you ever had to fire a client?

Indeed I have.

What do you do in your free time?

I love reading, traveling, lately I’ve been working on improving my golf game. I volunteer at my church  I love riding my bicycle, and I’ve just begun taking up cross fit training.  I am also going to begin guitar lessons. And family time is important to me.


As a foremost specialist in personal & professional development, Ms. Aiken is distinguished by her allegiance to preeminence.  As an international bestselling author, expert facilitator, award-winning businesswoman, &  rhetoric specialist, she represents and consults her clients on the dynamics of high-minded performance, headship strategies, and the significance and deliberate execution of their professional imprints.

Ms. Aiken has dedicated over two plus decades to transforming the lives of others via her comprehensive interaction with blue chip companies, celebrity clients, and academia in the fields of communication, sociology, politics, social policies, sports, law enforcement, contract negotiations, personal and professional development.

However, with all of the accolades, what her clients admire about her the most are her tenacity, her level of professionalism, elevated expertise, and her unbounded levels of optimism.  She uses her own personal experiences to transform the lives of those that she works with.  She inspires, encourages, and motivates her clients to procure and maintain higher ground. Once you work with her, you cannot remain in the same mindset as you entered.  In fact, you do not want to remain cemented to what you once knew.  She will also hold you accountable.

She is a sought after consultant, lecturer, and advisor/coach.  Her longevity is accredited to her genuine quest and dedication for sharing her knowledge which permits her clients to successfully prepare for new levels of success within their personal and professional lives.

Darlene’s work has been recognized by the WNBA, Atlanta Mayor, New York State Senators, she’s been nominated for the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award, recognized twice as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Businesss by Long Island Business News, seen in Essence Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Newsday, The Daytona Beach Times, Amsterdam News, News 12, Verizon Fios, to name a few.

She invites you to take the next step – Higher Level Thinking + Higher Level Performance = Higher Level Results. Period!




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