Holistic Electronic Health Record Solutions for Behavioral Health: Dr Cloud EMR

We’ve beat the drum about checking on credentials, funding, scalability, and browser-based solutions in the Behavioral Health EHR market. How refreshing to have a discussion using the term holistic when it comes to electronic health records. John Dunbar of Dr Cloud EMR joins us for a candid discussion about their platform, a preferred EHR vendor with The Association of Addiction Professionals.


 Questions for John:

Why are you involved in the Behavioral Health Industry?

When reviewing the needs of the Behavioral Health Industry, what is one of the largest issues you have seen within your customer base?    

  1. How do you think it should be solved?
  2. What are foreseeable issues to the solution?

What has been the biggest pain with implementing an EHR solution in your experience?DrCloudEMRJohn

  1. How have you changed that outcome?
  2. How can someone who is in an implementation currently help elevate that pa

If you were put on the other side and needed to help an organization pick an EHR, how would you do it? 

  1. How would you do it differently then you regularly see?

In the view of DrCloudEMR, what should be the objective of an EHR solution?

What are tangible outcomes that you have seen customers experience after the implementation of an EHR solution is completed?

Do see a change in the market place happening in regards to the amount of vendors currently offering a solution? 

What is your process for making sure that your solution is up to date on the needs of the industry?

Do you think that there is a need for more regulation on the state level for the EHR solutions that get implemented?

If you could give advice to an agency that is currently looking for an EHR solution, what advice would you offer them?

John serves as EnSoftek’s Vice President of Sales. He has spent 14 years within the medical community as an advocate for improved patient outcomes and leveraging resources to promote sustainability and stewardship. Most recently his focus has been on partnering with appropriate treatment organizations to incorporate a holistic electronic records solution, DrCloudEMR. His passion for the recovery community is borne from his own story. This, along with his unique compilation of healthcare, software, business, and regulatory experience reveal him to be an effective activist for Behavioral Health organizational sustainability. John’s mantra is to care for the individual, employ analytics to objectively assess organizational trends, and then make data based decisions to drive improved outcomes.



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