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JoyGasms – Are You Gettin’ Enough? Dr. Shannon South and Kristin Sunanta Walker

Join Dr. Shannon South with a follow up to her popular show on Mental Health News Radio What Is Your Joy IQ? We talk about something on the minds and hearts of many of our listeners: emotional affairs, empathy, narcissism, sex, and what in the world is a JoyGASM? Are you getting enough of them? How do we get more?

Take a walk through discussions about Tantra, love making, emotional intimacy and personal responsibility. Yet another “Did we share too much?” Of course we did!


What is a Joygasm?

A state of consciousness where JOY is the predominant energy, filling you up and expanding you. It can be described as a “peak experience” or a “coming home” of sorts. It can be subtle or profound. Wikipedia defines “peak experience” as: A peak experience is a moment accompanied by a euphoric mental state often achieved by self-actualizing individuals.They often are accompanied by feelings of ecstasy, harmony and deep meaning.

What is a self-actualized individual?

Psychologist, Abraham Maslow described it the best. He said self actualizers feel safe, not anxious, accepted, loved, loving and alive. They report feeling at one with the universe, stronger and calmer than they were before, filled with light, beauty, goodness and so on. (Wikipedia) Other qualities self actualizers have are efficient perceptions of reality, comfortable acceptance of self, others and nature, spontaneous and natural, task centered (a mission or life purpose that is beyond themselves that they are pursuing), continued freshness of appreciation, autonomy, profound interpersonal relationships, comfort with solitude, non hostile sense of humor, socially compassionate and few friends ( deeper bonds with fewer rather than tons of surface relationships).

Is a Joygasm just a self-actualized person or is it more?

There is a level beyond self-actualization and that is what transpersonal psychologists call transcendence or enlightenment. Often spiritual teachers will live in a state of unconditional love and joy which tends to be like a continual joygasm. These teachers are what some consider “enlightened”. For most of us, however, self-actualization is an advanced state in itself.

What are some key qualities to help co-create an environment for these Joygasms to happen?

They may come when you least expect it, when you are fully relaxed, awake and open, when you are willing and curious, when you need them the most. Over the years, it appears there are certain mindsets or inner attitudes that allow these “joygasms” to visit more frequently.

a) A willingness to be open and curious even if there is suffering present. A willingness to expand and be open.

b) An ability to ask for assistance from something larger than ones state/self at the moment.

c) A sense of safety, love and trust can accompany these experiences.

Are there things I can do mentally and/or physically to create the environment for joygasms in my life?

a) Physically: If you are interested in having joygasms through sexual connection then keeping in shape physically is a great way to enhance your bodies ability to experience joygasms in the cells of your body. The healthier your body is the more it can assist your energy body in supporting a joygasm through love making or sexual connection. A true “g” spot orgasm can feel like a “coming home” or as if the person is in an enlightened state for a temporary span of time. Holistic exercises that strengthen, use breath work or enhance the mind-body connection such as pilates, yoga, gyro tonics and the like can enliven and strengthen the body for more physical pleasure accompanied by joy.

b) Emotionally: Clearing out your “joy busters” and moving into more joy in your life, allows you to have the capacity for more joy. See my 3 step process to become a joy magnet for more on this healing transformation. Then you can have an open, pure and clear heart to bring in the most transcendent quality of joy and love into your life. (i.e.: more joygasms)

c) Spiritually: As stated before, a willingness to be open to a “higher power”, expansion and elevation from the state of consciousness you may be in at the time creates a desire for more connection that is beyond your level of understanding. With your desire and personal will behind this energy, you can access spiritual connections that will enhance your state of joy exponentially. Meditation and prayer are clearly very powerful ways of maintaining this connection to your highest, wisest, most loving and joy filled self.

Dr. Shannon D. South, aka the “Joy Doctor”, is an award winning therapist, an amazon best-selling author, and a professional speaker. As an expert in the field of spirituality and healing trauma for over 20 years, she knows how to assist people in finding wholeness and joy naturally. In 1994, during graduate school, Shannon had a spiritual experience during meditation that healed her debilitating anxiety and depression permanently. Since this transformative experience, Shannon has helped thousands of clients connect to their most loving and joy-filled selves. Her most recent book, Raising Your Joy IQ: A 3 Step Process to Permanently Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Stress-And Become a Magnet for Joy is to be published in 2016. Shannon loves dancing, being in nature, and enjoying her family and friends in the beautiful mountains of NC where she currently resides. or

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