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Men & Anxiety: Creating Safe Spaces to Share Our Experiences

Join host Kristin Walker for this inagurual show about Men and Anxiety. Where is a safe space to talk about this “man to man”? Kristin will soon exit the format and leave the show in a low estrogen environment. We’ll have different hosts leading the show with regular guests and experts on occasion.

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Our first show includes Jeff Fink, founder of, Rob Lohman, founder of (future podcast host of Beyond the Bars on our podcast network), and Jonathon Bertrand, founder of The Global Touch Foundation (podcast host of The Social Networking Effect on our podcast network).

The goal is to talk openly about how anxiety affects men, how they cope with it, and to offer some peace of mind to all men who suffer from a disorder that plagues most, if not all, men at some point in their lives.

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