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What is Motivated By The Mission?

Motivated by the Mission podcast explores the science of positive psychology and the link between mental health and sustainable recovery from self-sabotaging behavior, including addiction, while inspiring the audience with uplifting and thoughtful messages.

Meet Our Hosts

  • Mitch Ott

    Mitch Ott is a Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Educator. Mitch is living a lifestyle in recovery and helps individuals reach their highest potential through strategic modalities, using a holistic approach of mind, body, spirit. Mitch is a certified Life Coach and yoga teacher on a mission to help people create a life by design and to ignite their purpose.

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  • Eric Gremminger

    Eric Gremminger is a leading voice in addiction recovery and positive psychology, where he advocates for a paradigm shift in the current treatment model to empower people to create and live life by design. Eric is the Chief Operating Officer and a Founding Partner of the Sanctuary Health Group, which offers several health centers providing detox, PHP, IOP and outpatient services in brand new, state-of-the-art facilities. Eric is the creator of the Everlasting Recovery Program, the proprietary behavior modification program offered exclusively at Sanctuary Health Centers which focuses on healing the whole person by addressing the biological, psychological and social needs of individual clients. Eric is a regular guest speaker on the power of positive thinking, goal setting and releasing limiting beliefs, both in and out of the addiction recovery space; including for non-profits, businesses, governmental bodies, and at recovery events and awareness walks. Eric holds regular workshops on the principles of Everlasting Recovery for both program participants and family members as well as all interested community members. Eric is the co-founder of Motivated by the Mission, a free resource of uplifting messages which distributes weekly videos and graphics on social media. Eric is also an executive coach and personal trainer. Eric holds a B.S. in Psychology from Drexel University and his ACE certified personal training certification.

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