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What is The Clinical Christian?

The place where the clinical world of mental health and Christianity converge. Melissa Richards, licensed mental health counselor and show host, introduces a range of fascinating guests who bring varied interactions and expertise within the world of mental health and the Christian faith. Guests include mental health providers, recipients, related professionals, clergy, and just plain smart people! No topic is off-limits!

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  • Christianity and Depression: An Insider’s View

    I thought I knew depression, because I had experienced it most of my life.  In retrospect, I can say that I had “head” knowledge but I did not truly understand what it meant to be in the grip of deep depression.

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  • Christianity and Mental Health: Truth and Transparency

    It seems fitting to start this blog on the premise of honesty and transparency. Those things are, after all, what God desires from each of us. We often forget that even though God DESIRES these things from us, the reality is that He does not NEED them. He is the one that already knows us better than we know ourselves. He does not require honesty and transparency to help Him understand us, but He will do powerful things when they are at the forefront of our lives – every part.

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