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What is The Clinical Christian?

The place where mental health and Christianity collide. Your host is a licensed mental health counselor and talks with fascinating people who have diverse experience and expertise within the worlds of both mental health and Christianity. Guests include mental health providers, recipients, related professionals, clergy, and other really smart, life-experienced people. Nothing is off-limits!


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  • Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melissa Richards, Counselor and Guest on Empowered Empaths

    Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melissa Richards, Counselor and Guest on Empowered Empaths

    After earning a master’s degree in professional counseling from Liberty University in Virginia, Melissa Richards moved to Tampa, Florida, where she encountered a variety of populations and concerns in her many hours of training to become a licensed mental health counselor. 

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  • Up Close and Personal: Counselor Melissa Richards Talks Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Up Close and Personal: Counselor Melissa Richards Talks Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    We have interviewed leading experts in the field of personality disorders. Each guest brings a fresh perspective and counselor Melissa Richards is no exception. Melissa has a wonderful way of stating the obvious with some punch. 

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  • Who Can I Trust?

    Who Can I Trust?

    To say that I do not have issues with trust is like saying that the ocean does not have waves or the sun never rises and sets.

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  • Beauty From Ashes

    Beauty From Ashes

    If there is anything that I have learned from working in the environmental field for all these years, it is that south Florida is unique. There are many habitats and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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  • Life Lessons From A Fern

    Life Lessons From A Fern

    I recently spent a long weekend with a friend in her new home. When I arrived I was thrilled to see all the beautiful trees and birds in her yard. Majestic live oaks and tall pine trees; cardinals and blue jays – I was in my element. I quickly spotted one of my favorite plants covering the sturdy branches of a very old live oak tree – the resurrection fern.  Recent rains had brought many of these little ferns back to life after a dry winter.

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  • Mental Illness and Stigma

    Mental Illness and Stigma

    I have bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness) and am very open and transparent about it. It is not a character defect it is a brain illness. Yet, still society looks upon mental illness with condescension and judgment. This is wrong.

    While I realize that I may not be able to change the world by writing one blog, I can try to change some of that stigma by sharing some of my own thoughts – from the perspective of someone who has a mental illness.

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  • Riding the Tides of Bipolar Disorder

    Riding the Tides of Bipolar Disorder

    I have been fascinated with the sea for as long as I can remember. So much so, that at the age of 4, I proclaimed to my dad that I would be a marine biologist when I grew up. I am not sure that he remembered that moment, but my proclamation became a reality by the time I was 21.

    The ocean is rich in every way imaginable, but lately; it has been the cyclical tides that have me the most captivated. What a better way to describe the shifting moods of bipolar disorder; the mental illness that I live with daily?

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  • Big Little Things

    Big Little Things

    Losing someone you love is hard. Maybe that’s not a profound statement but it is no less true. If you have not lived through the loss of a loved one, it’s difficult to wrap your mind around just how hard it can be.

    Over the past 5 years, I have experienced loss – a lot of it. It started with the death of my dog, Hattie, then my dog, Davis, and then my cat, Riah. Some may say, rightly so, that the death of a pet is different than the death of a person. Nevertheless, it is where my journey with grief began.

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  • Christianity and Depression: An Insider’s View

    Christianity and Depression: An Insider’s View

    I thought I knew depression, because I had experienced it most of my life.  In retrospect, I can say that I had “head” knowledge but I did not truly understand what it meant to be in the grip of deep depression.

    Ironically, only a few months prior, a woman in my church requested that I come visit her in her home; she was suffering from clinical depression. In retrospect, I realize that what I thought were encouraging words were likely the same empty words that have been spoken to me during my own struggles with depression. “Keep praying.” “Trust the Lord.” “He will bring you through this.” The implication was that if she just had enough faith, God would fix it. I was wrong.

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  • Christianity and Mental Health: Truth and Transparency

    Christianity and Mental Health: Truth and Transparency

    It seems fitting to start this blog on the premise of honesty and transparency. Those things are, after all, what God desires from each of us. We often forget that even though God DESIRES these things from us, the reality is that He does not NEED them. He is the one that already knows us better than we know ourselves. He does not require honesty and transparency to help Him understand us, but He will do powerful things when they are at the forefront of our lives – every part.

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