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#TemaTalks Episode 20: Belinda Seagram

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#TemaTalks Episode 19: Greg Armstrong

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#TemaTalks Episode 18: Chad Guenter

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#TemaTalks Episode 6: Wendy Lund

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#TemaTalks Episode 4: Naomi Fox

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#TemaTalks Episode 2: Callie Power

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#TemaTalks Episode 1: Vince Savoia

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UpTalk Episode 17: Janice Landry

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UpTalk Episode 16: Peter Tripp

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What is #TemaTalks?

Join host Sean Conohan (formerly of Uptalk Podcast) as he chips away at the stigma associated with mental illness in the first responder world, one inspirational guest at a time. The #TemaTalksPodcast is brought to you by The Tema Conter Memorial Trust - Canada's leading provider of peer support, family assistance, education and training for our emergency services, public safety, military personnel, and their families. More at

The podcast talks about mental health in general, with a focus on how mental illness affects our First Responders.

My mission is to have guests on with clinical expertise, legislative authority, or stories of hope to remind us that we are absolutely not alone.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Tema Conter Memorial Trust.


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