Wide Open Looks Has Been Cancelled

Our show Wide Open Looks has been cancelled. We at Mental Health News Radio Network do not support domestic violence, fraud, bullying, or harassment. While it would have been an easier road to lay low and keep quiet, that goes against everything #METOO stands for, everything we stand for. Individuals and organizations that stay quiet because "it's not my business" only help to support perpetrators of abuse.

After our own internal investigation, we made the necessary decision to cancel this show and launch a new sports and mental health podcast with a different host.

We encourage anyone to do as we did and utilize firms such as www.checkpeople.com, as well as, work with law enforcement to determine public charges of abuse. Often victims of domestic violence recant their statements which is why we have laws in place to help protect them and the public.

We'll examine ourselves and our own journeys with covert and overt abuse to tighten up our internal protocols for vetting individuals on our network.

The mental health and addiction community is a forgiving one for good reason. It's an easy community for any individual to receive enormous emotional support while potentially hiding recent abusive behavior.

This is not tolerated on our network.



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