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  • Beyond the Bars Radio with Rob Lohman

    Beyond the Bars Radio with Rob Lohman

    Alteration. Conversion. Transformation. Adaptation.

    No matter how you label it, the capacity for humans to alter their own perspectives through lived experience and new found focus in order to find purpose and direction in life is fascinating to watch and listen to.

    Rob Lohman is an agent for these things, for growth and change. He works tirelessly to broadcast his podcast ‘Beyond The Bars Radio’ on the Mental Health News Radio network and he does it with a soft approach that doesn’t just sound genuine.

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  • Morph Into A New You with Johnnie Calloway

    Morph Into A New You with Johnnie Calloway

    Service is defined by the Webster Dictionary as “the act of helping or doing work for someone.”

    Johnnie Calloway, an author and mental health news radio network podcaster has a strong philosophy on service. Whether it’s connecting with listeners to his show ‘Morph Into A New You!’ in a way that conveys conviction and compassion or taking the time to personalize a copy of one of his books including ‘“Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man’ and ‘Taming The Dragon’ while making each event a real, human experience centered around wellness and optimism.

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  • Welcome to our Blog!

    Welcome to our Blog!

    We’ll be posting new articles and shows soon. Check back early and often.

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