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My guest, Kristen Caputo, a high school SAC (Student Assistance Counselor) and I chat about the holiday’s impact many of our kids in ways we may not take into consideration. Taking their emotions and baggage into consideration as parents, educators, family members, etc. can make a difference at a tough time of year for too many.

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Get know Josh Mamela. Hear about his struggles with PTSD, and how he got himself to a place where he know has a career helping others that are struggling. Truly an inspirational dude! UpTalk Podcast is brought to you by Project Trauma Support, check them out at Stream UpTalk exclusively on the Mental Health News Radio Network, or download wherever you get your podcasts! #ItsTimeToHaveAChat #InThisTogether #UpTalkGratitudeGame #OneChatAtATime

The Holiday Season isn’t something everyone looks forward to. Whether grief, finances, addiction or the hardships of life it can be tough.

We chat about ideas to spread kindness and be empathetic for those hurting as well as ideas
for our own wellness if we’re experiencing a challenging season in life.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center (

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When negatives can seem to easily outweigh the positives in today’s world happenings it’s easy for adults and kids to become desensitized. Placing a face on a refugee, a name to someone who lost everything in a fire or a zip code to a child with a brother battling the demons of addiction… it makes it real.

I had the privilege to spend the day with Stanna Wieckyr, volunteer coordinator for Kofinou We Care ( based at the Kofinou Refugee Center for Asylum Seekers in Cyprus. She lives to serve those who come seeking a new start with opportunities that did not exist in their homeland due to war, political corruption, religious persecution, etc.

It’s amazing how we can change lives and impact hearts by being kind, casting compassion on others by allowing them to simply feel human..this episode is not one to be missed.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center (

Please visit their site for more information about their dynamic and life altering programs.

There is a definite pull and tug towards stuff, materials and the crazy stress often tossed upon us when it comes to meeting other’s expectations with gifts and goodies. It’s the opposite of what the Holidays are supposed to be.

Whether Christmas or Hanukkah, seeking ways to serve others and go beyond ourselves has the ability to transform family dynamics and strengthen character. Check out this week’s episode and start coming up with your own personal Holiday Game Plan.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center. Check out
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Frequently, I am asked about free and low cost treatment for opioid addiction. Whenever I write an article about patient assistance programs, I get a flood of calls and emails from people struggling with opioid addiction and also from the loved ones of the opioid addicted. Unfortunately, there are few options available right now. But thanks to the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018, there may be hope in the near future. Soon, there will be billions of dollars of funding available for programs that provide MAT, or Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction. What does this mean for the doctor prescribing Suboxone in a small clinic? How can he or she be a part of this program? Applying for grants and running compliant a program can seem overwhelming and intimidating.Yet, many doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants would love to help those who need treatment but cannot afford it. So, what is the next step?

Bob Coates has the solution. When it comes to healthcare law, Mr. Coates has a deep understanding of how things work. He has owned large healthcare systems and he has served as an auditor and a consultant for many large and small medical facilities. Especially, when it comes to healthcare institutions that may come under scrutiny by federal agencies and law enforcement, Mr. Coates can provide the management needed to allow practitioners and owners to sleep well at night, knowing they are in good hands. He has worked with many pain management clinics and addiction treatment programs. He also maintains a large library of compliance manuals that have provided guidance and protection to doctors, especially those who practice in these high risk fields.

Bob Coates is also a family therapist. He currently practices in several states. He is able to provide telemedicine services and he is an expert in addiction therapy. One of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is family involvement. Mr. Coates’ experience as a therapist has given him deep insight into the problems and solutions that involve family and addiction.

In recent years, Mr. Coates has served as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., working with He has been at the center of the action leading up to the president’s signing of the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018. He is now prepared to assist healthcare practitioners and facility owners who are interested in applying for grants under this important new law.


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