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True Empaths handle misunderstandings in unique ways. We handle them from a place of love and empowerment. Join Melanie Vann, Melissa Richards, and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they delve into the very human experience of misunderstandings. This can be a road fraught with danger when dealing with toxic personalities. We handle them with grace and need to take to heart that whether or not someone follows the wisdom we may be imparting is not our concern. Join them on this informative journey around crossing those roads safely.

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Join counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Walker on a powerful show about chaos, drama, squeaky wheels, and being ultra responsible for IT ALL. Is codependency the “blame” for all that ails you or is it something more? Negative relationships require participation from all sides but we can choose how much of our emotional capital is used to defuse people and the drama they create, including our own dramatics!

Pay attention the quiet ones that enter your field of experience and learn to share yourself with those that don’t bring chaos and histrionics into your life.

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Join the founder of www.saferelationshipsmagazine.com Sandra L. Brown, M.A. (Author of Women Who Love Psychopaths) and healer Martha Juchnowski examining the role of soul contracts and soul connections in relationship to Pathological Love Relationships (Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths). Our host Kristin Sunanta Walker moderates the discussion between these two incredible women as they delve into a discussion that not all survivors may be ready to explore.


Please enjoy Sandra’s first interview on Mental Health News Radio here.

Join our very own Melanie Vann, clinician Melissa Richards, and host Kristin Sunanta Walker on our Empowered Empath Series. Today we talk about sexual energy, using it wisely, and how a narcissist uses this as way to wound whereas an unempowered empath can use it out of being wounded. Important to know the difference! And important to know how to be mindful, as an Empath, of how your sexual history will have an impact on your life.


Join us for an hour with Kim Saeed of LetMeReach.com. Kim is doing some incredible work in the field of narcissistic abuse recovery. We are excited to spread the news and talk about how body image plays a role in being a target of narcissistic abuse, what being an empath means, and how to protect yourself from emotional predators.


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Careful consideration went into this interview with Dr. James H. Fallon. It is not every day that a boutique radio show like ours reaches out to a world-renowned neuroscientist, let alone to one that has contributed immeasurably to the field of human behavior we avidly support. However, Dr. Fallon, who asked me simply to call him “Jim”, was easy to reach, glad to be of service, and said he was up for anything I might want to discuss. He asked only that we stay away from personal stories that might negatively affect his family.

Since we have a large audience of survivors of psychological abuse, please be advised this show could be triggering for some listeners. We privately shared this show with a few of our Behavioral Health practitioners in advance. Some of them said it was very triggering due to the nature of how I was asked certain questions.


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Join Dr. Paul Meier of www.meierclinics.com joins activist and CEO Sam Webb, counselor Melanie Vann, and Host Kristin Walker for a discussion about emotional currency. What does this term mean and why is it so valuable? Is it the same thing as empathic capital? What are the kinds of relationships in our lives that help refill our emotional capital and the toxic ones that deplete our empathic bank account. How can we fill this up ourselves and which specific personality type is the one we must avoid at all costs.

Emotional currency is our most valuable asset and people with a lot of it to go around create wonders in this world that drive innovation and advocacy. Giving to others is part of your DNA but over-giving can deplete those internal resources and leave us with an empty emotional bank account.

Listen in as a group of caretakers talk about this all important asset.

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