The Technology and Mental Wellness Fusion:

Technology in Behavioral Health is what fuels the consulting practice of everythingEHR. Join CEO, Abigail Wilson of on Mental Health News Radio discussing her global initiative to fuse mental wellness and technology.


What is IsosHealth? is an interactive health company, supporting individuals to achieve their physical, mental and nutritional health goals. We are redesigning how a person can experience health and well-being through their technology, so to enable people to live happier, healthier lives. Our online virtual clinic provides free, 24/7, unbiased and accurate healthcare information, to enable people to make informed choices and change unhealthy behaviors.

We provide individuals access to the leading validated experts, where ever in the world you are. These regulated experts support both preventative and curative conditions and uses a multidisciplinary approach. This teamed up combination of experts, enables the best health outcomes eg. dietitian and psychologist for an eating disorder / weight management. Or physical expert and psychologist to better your performance. IsosHealth clinics are technically configured, to connect different digital appliances / wears to facilitates the expert to support individuals, by providing clarity and expert interpretation of the information being presented by the digital appliances.

IsosHealth empowers the individual to make informed choices via the expert interpretations of the digital information plus provides a source of free expert questions and answers.

What prompted you to start the organization?

Having worked as a healthcare expert for many years I soon realized there was a need to support the experts and individuals to be able to meet and communicate in a safe, secure virtual environment. I am now combining my skills and knowledge of the healthcare professionals with my previous career in recognizing and closing several service quality gaps.

Healthcare experts are highly qualified and skilled experts passionate to support individuals to achieve their wellness goals. In general they are not business people and are not skilled at marketing and finding individuals looking for their expertise. On the other side there is much noise surround nutrition, mental and physical wellness and individuals can find it challenging to determine the facts from the fiction and often find it difficult to find the right expert for them. What IsosHealth does is closing these gaps for the individual and experts. Experts can meet clients via IsosHealth secure, confidential and private virtual clinics and provide ongoing support and advice to achieve the individuals health goals.

As these clinics are digitally enhanced and on a virtual platform the clients can get support from their chosen expert anywhere in the world, at a time that is convenient to them, have access to their expert 24/7 and feel safe in the knowledge the information being provided is unbiased and based on the current best practice standards for that experts country. It also means the client can choose to work with their expert for as long or short a period they choose. And always re-engage at a later date if needed (no longer needing to repeat your self). As we are in a digital revolution and many individuals have digital wear (fitbit, garmin ect) or digital health devices (diabetes monitors ect.) The information these provide the individual can be further supported by the expert who can expertly interpret this and motivate the individual to achieve the best outcomes from these. Other gaps we are closing such as reducing costs to both the expert and individual, increased long term health benefits as well as increased convenience to name a few.

What types of health professionals do you have?

IsosHealth is currently supported the healthcare professionals of Psychologists, CBT Therapists, Dietitians, and Physiotherapists. We are due to launch IsosFitness in mid May and this will also incorporate other experts such as sports psychologists, sports scientist and sports performance experts.

What is your organization’s trajectory?

Our vision is to provide equal health access to all. We are currently working on developing an app to go along side the secure browser based clinics. We are working hard to incorporate a number of digital appliances to the clinics. We have recently completed an IsosHealth expert peer support network. We are about to release IsosFitness to provide support to those individuals seeking to optimize their physical sports goals, supported by leading sports experts.

Why is this your passion?

I believe everyone should have isos (equal) access to health, and we are passionate to help individuals achieve their physical, mental and nutritional health goals, and feel good where ever in the world they are. To do this IsosHealth was formed to provide safe, secure, convenient, remote digital healthcare. We will achieve this by providing individuals with regulated, unbiased, accurate healthcare information and connect them securely and safely with medically recognised and validated healthcare specialists, to support them in achieving their health goals.

How do people find you and begin services with your organization?

Our home page on the web is: There you can ask us your wellness questions and get a free expert reply (no need to google search your health questions!). All the previous expert answers are on display for you to see:

Registering your area of wellness interest will provide you with the different options and prices for that area: Following joining you can choose to have a personalized consultation with either a chosen expert or we can match you with an expert who will best support your needs.

For any queries we are also contactable via text or call to +44 7535 206306 or email:

For more information on how it works you can review this at:

How do experts register with your organization?
We are always looking for experts who are leaders in their field of expertise. Any experts interested in joining can register at: or email:



Lead for European Federation of Dietitians in Primary Care

Chairperson for the Freelance Dietitians UK

Member of Health Professionals Council

BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition & Dietetics

BA (Hons) Marketing with Business

Abigail Wilson a highly respected and passionate professional and holds the BIMA 100 award for 2016. She is the CEO of and through this service she and an international team of experts are dedicated to ensure everyone is able obtain their wellness goals, where-ever in the world they are. With the current digital movement Abigail is leading this revolutionary service to provide access to the leading recognized experts via a secure virtual clinic and integrating a variety of digital appliances to further provide expert support and inter-operation on the information being provided. This has been achieved through her excellent qualifications and understanding of Service Quality Gaps, which are complemented by extensive practical experience whilst working as a consultant dietitian in the UK. Alongside providing support for a wide variety of health conditions related to diet, she leads the European Federation of dietitians in Primary care as well as chairs the freelance dietitians committee in the UK.


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