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046: Gift of the Body with Jonathan Goldman, M.Ac. and Co-Founder of the Essential Light Institute


Your human body is the most extraordinary gift in the universe. Every one of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, strengths and weaknesses, talents, challenges, miseries, glories, and tools for navigating your life on earth has their assigned place in your energy bodies…or the Chakra energy systems.   There is nothing that is not you! Everything in the universe, all of creation, is contained in miniature in your energy field. Join today’s episode of Awaken Radio as Robin Jillian interviews author and developer of ‘Transformational Energy Healing’ to discuss how you can transform your life by becoming more aware of the wisdom that the body offers through the body’s energy centers or Chakras.   The interview offers insights…practical and understandable ways to shift your consciousness through the awareness of the gifts of your body. If you are interested in healing the beliefs that are holding you back, and/or are a healer who would like to find more potent ways of being of help to others, please join Robin Jillian and Jonathan Goldman for this in-depth interview.   Learn more about Awaken Radio at

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