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160 – Dr. Funnies – Mental Health One Meme at a Time

“A lot of the things that we have gone through have taught us a lot of lessons — have made us stronger in certain ways.” ~Dr. Funnies

Heads up: This episode with Dr. Funnies features some conversation around still-birth. If such discussions trigger you in any way, please take care should you choose to listen.

From professional gaslighting and personal tragedy to hilarious memes and triumph of the spirit,  this episode covers the entire spectrum of human emotion. If you’ve listened to Conversations With A Wounded Healer for any length of time (say, one episode), you know my love for Instagram is next-level. It’s where I socialize with listeners and where I meet all of my new best friends, including today’s guest, Dr. Funnies. 

Dr. Funnies is the brilliant brain behind Mental Health Funnies, the Instagram account she started in 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown here in the US. Regardless of which side of the therapist/client relationship you occupy, the memes at Mental Health Funnies will make you snort out loud. 

Dr. Funnies has a knack for distilling everyday absurdities into a single frame while displaying complete empathy for her audience as well as herself. Dr. Funnies’s journey from stellar student at a historically Black college to roadblocked post-grad intern to autonomous practitioner is harrowing at times, made so by the racism and white supremacy embedded in the very marrow of this country. A true wounded healer, she knew that one day, her experiences would serve to help others. Whether one-on-one with clients or by the thousands through her memes, Dr. Funnies is absolutely right about that.


Dr. Funnies. I am a mental health therapist trying my best to help heal others! I have been in the field for over 17yrs. I believe laughter can sometimes be the best medicine!

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