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170 – Ebony Rutko – Presence, Listening and Deep Curiosity Using NARM For Yourself and Clients

Do you ever meet someone whose spirit surrounds your own with warmth and light and knowing?

Yeah…Ebony Rutko is that spirit in human form. A clinical social worker with her practice in Canada, Ebony applies her advanced clinical training in NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM) to help adults address issues with attachment, relational and developmental traumas. 

If you’re new around here and have no idea what NARM is, Ebony’s heart-centered introduction to the model provides some high-vibe insight. If you’re a fan from way back, you know I love talking all things NARM. Ebony’s ongoing exploration of healing herself using NARM is a reminder that when we as therapists do our internal work, we build foundations strong enough to provide support for others.

Ebony delivers straightforward observations about our search for connection and our desire to let go of the protective strategies that no longer serve us.

We get in deep for a pithy episode: NARM, psychedelics, expansive universal truths. If you’re at all curious about post-traumatic healing, unconditional love, or using ayahuasca/plant medicines in supportive practice, there’s some beautiful abundance here, as Ebony likes to say, about the sacred processes we engage with to heal ourselves and help our clients.


Ebony Rutko is a white, queer, cis-female clinical social worker located in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. She owns a private practice and provides in-person and remote therapy to adults using the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM). Ebony believes in the power of connection, and that true healing happens as we cultivate a greater capacity to hold ourselves with presence and curiosity. 

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