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5 Steps to Disengaging From and Moving On From a Narcissistic Ex

Transformation Coach, Kathryn Mitchem. Her specialty? Coaching women through their divorce (or breakup) from a Narcissist. Through Satori Lifestyle Coaching, Yoga Philosophy and Practice and a combination of East and West Psychology philosophy, Mitchem has taken many women from what she refers to as their rock bottom “Divorce 911” moments to moving on and thriving in the next chapter of their lives.  

Kathryn’s 5 Steps to Disengaging From and Moving On From a Narcissistic Ex

Step 1 Learn the characteristics of Narcissistic, and realize that their behavior has nothing to do with you; it has everything to do with them and their unhealed wounds. 

–They lack empathy: they are unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others. They do not consider, or care about, the pain they inflict on others. Do not expect them to listen, validate, understand or support you.

–They have a grandiose sense of self. They believe they can choose to act outside of legal boundaries and/or commitments. 

–They are masters of projection and dishonesty. They project their own subconscious negative self-judgements onto their targets.

 About Dr. John Huber

Texas Based – Dr. John Huber ( is the Chairman for Mainstream Mental Health, a non-profit organization that brings lasting and positive change to the lives of individuals that suffer from mental health issues.  A mental health professional for over twenty years, Dr. Huber is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, and he is a practitioner with privileges at two long term acute care hospitals.  

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