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5 Ways to Recognize Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Today’s Save Your Sanity Podcast: Help for Handling Hijackals®from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor Passive-aggressive behavior is frustrating, infuriating, and frankly…unfair! And, it’s sneaky! In fact, so sneaky that you’re often caught up in thinking that it actually makes some sense…at first, or for a while. Then, it dawns on you: Something’s not right with this but I can’t quite put my finger on it.So, today, Dr. Shaler offers you five ways that passive-aggressive behavior shows up. You can then recognize it more easily. BUT, it’s never very helpful to tell another person that their behavior is passive-aggressive. It’s highly unlikely to get you anywhere good. Learn why.Listen to this short podcast and learn how to listen for passive-aggressive stuff coming at you, and well as from you. It can be tricky!Oh, Dr. Shaler has also written two books to give you even more insights, strategies, and skills:Stop! That’s Crazy-Making! How to Quit Playing the Passive-Aggressive Game The Hijackal Trap: The Hidden Anger of Passive-AggressionAvailable at Amazon along with her other books.TAKE DR. SHALER’S FREE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE CHECKLIST HERE! Find out what’s up for sure.Want to work with Dr. Shaler? Introductory session for new clients, $97 CONNECT WITH DR. RHOBERTA SHALER:Website: ForRelationshipHelp.comFacebook: RelationshipHelpDoctorTwitter: #tipsforrelationships #Hijackals #toxicpeople #mentalhealthmatters #MHNRNetwork #RhobertaShaler #narcissists #borderlines #antisocial #difficultpeople #emotionalabuse #verbalabuse #stoptoleratingabuse #toxicrelationships #manipulation #walkingoneggshells #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #abuse #narcissisticabuse #boundaries #personalitydisorder #difficultpeople #journorequest #prrequest 

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