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8 Crystal Clear Signs You’re in Love with a TRULY Difficult Person, a Hijackal

Are you tired of being wrong? #Hijackals–those relentlessly difficult toxic people in life–cannot be wrong, so everything HAS to be your fault.That’s exhausting, right? And, of course, it’s not true. If you stay with a #Hijackal for long, you may begin to second-guess yourself too often. You may question your sanity. Or, you can get so worn down and torn down, that you don’t have any self-esteem or self-confidence to call on for much. Let’s stop that, ok? Now, is the time to tune into these eight crystal clear signs that the person you’re loving–the person you are hooked on and hope loves you–is NOT THAT PERSON you thought they were. In the beginning, they did all they could to “get” you, and usually as quickly as possible. It was dreamy. Now, it’s a bit of a nightmare! You’ve bent over backwards to accommodate their needs, wants, and desires, and you’re left bent, crooked, and out of shape emotionally. That’s not right! That’s not fair! That’s not healthy! #Narcissists do this all the time. They suck you in so they can spit you out. You don’t want to leave because they have you hooked, so you take their verbal abuse, and you may not even see all the emotional abuse they are dishing out, too. I want to help you with that. If you’re ready to make better decisions about your relationship, let’s talk. Right away! ——————————————————————–If you want to learn more, share, ask questions, and feel more powerful within yourself and your relationships. Join my Optimize Circles now.Off social media, safe discussion + videos + articles + webinars + personal home study program + group Ask Me Anything Calls with me.WOW! Join now.  Only $5 for the first month at any level.———————————————————————-HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE:Eight clearly visible narcissistic traits you can identify if you’re with a #HijackalWhy you cannot change the traits of a #narcissist, and why #Hijackals won’t change themselvesReasons to step back, get perspective, and make changes now to take your life backWhy #Hijackals are NOT introspective and NOT self-reflective and why you have to stop hoping they will be You’ll find that in many other episodes of this podcast, and on my YouTube channel, too.Listen to today’s episode, and, if by chance, you’re still wondering if you have had a #Hijackal in your life, grab myFREE EBOOK, How to Spot a Hijackal® at . You need to know what’s up now, so you don’t make mistakes that will hurt you. Grab it!If you need help with any part of the journey with–and from–a #Hijackal, I’m here for you. Let’s talk soon. I make it easy and accessible for you to have your first one-hour session with me for only $97.Make positive changes NOW.Big hugs,RhobertaRhoberta Shaler, PhD,The Relationship Help or ForRelationshipHelp.comP.S. Subscribe to my newsletter, Tips for Relationships, HERE.WANT THE PRIVACY AND SAFETY OF MY SUPPORT & GROWTH GROUPS AWAY FROM FACEBOOK?You can have that, and:access to my Optimize Circlesmy 21 Steps to Empowered Emotional Savvy programmonthly “Ask Me Anything” calls, sometimes twoat least monthly insightful webinars and access to the webinar libraryYou can get most of this right now for the price of one latte a month! This offer is going away soon, and the prices will double. Join now! WITH DR. RHOBERTA SHALER:Website: TransformingRelationship.comFacebook: RelationshipHelpDoctorTwitter: live stream show, Help for Toxic Relationships, on Mondays at 6 PM Pacific Time.Subscribe now on YouTube. Hit the notification bell to get reminders. Ask your questions in the chat each week!You can also listen to the last 32 episodes of Save Your Sanity on Mental Health News Radio Network. That’s a great place to get in-depth insights for shoring up mental and emotional health of all kinds.#Hijackals #verbalabuse #passive-aggressive #toxicpeople #emotionalabuse #RhobertaShaler #narcissists #borderlines #antisocial #difficultpeople #toxicrelationships #manipulativepeople #walkingoneggshells #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #abuse #narcissisticabuse #boundaries #personalitydisorders #MHNRNetwork #recognizenarcissism #seeingthecycles

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