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A CEO’s Autism Journey


Step into the world of Heather Florio, as she unveils the unexpected twist that shaped her journey of self-acceptance. A twist that shattered her belief that something was inherently wrong with her, and instead revealed the beauty of her unique neurodiversity. Brace yourself for a tale of resilience, as Heather shares the captivating story of how she found solace in the pages of books and used her insatiable thirst for knowledge to navigate the labyrinth of social interactions. Get ready to be inspired, as the open loop begs the question: How did Heather’s newfound understanding forever change her trajectory?

In this episode, Heather Florio, CEO of Desert Harvest, shares her personal journey and strategies for navigating life with autism. From excelling in college through distance learning to finding solace in meditation, Heather’s experiences offer valuable insights for individuals with autism. She discusses her challenges with sleep and hyperfocusing tendencies, providing practical tips and tools she uses to manage her company and daily life. Heather’s passion for her work and dedication to helping others with chronic health conditions shine through, emphasizing the importance of finding meaningful work that aligns with personal values. Her story highlights the difficulties individuals with autism and ADHD face and the importance of finding coping mechanisms and support. Whether you’re seeking self-acceptance or strategies for navigating social situations, Heather’s journey offers relatable experiences and practical advice that can benefit you in various aspects of life, including education, careers, and social interactions.

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