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ABC News' Gloria Riviera Believes the Antidote to Mom Guilt Is Comprehensive Childcare


Our guest-host and mother of three, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, continues her conversation with longtime ABC News correspondent (and fellow mom of 3) Gloria Riviera about the prevalence of mom guilt in our society, and how we can change our current childcare system to alleviate the guilt so many working parents feel. They talk about who is getting it right and where we should look for inspiration, from countries to corporations and even our own military.  

Gloria shares the startling fact that only 4% of US companies offer some form of childcare assistance, and talks about some of the things progressive workplaces like Patagonia are doing to retain new parents as employees.  

The pair also talk about the preschool meeting moment when Gloria stopped striving to be a perfect parent.  

Gloria’s latest project, No One Is Coming To Save Us from Lemonada Media, a limited-series podcast she hosts featuring Kristen Bell, explores America’s broken childcare system and how we fix it. Take a listen! 

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