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Addiction To Devices: Are Smart Phones And Social Media The New Crack Cocaine?


In this rebroadcast of an interview between Kristin Walker and Mark Leeds, the topic of addiction to technology and online services, such as social media, is discussed at length. As large corporations put their nearly unlimited resources into finding new ways to get us hooked, we are at risk for an epidemic of massive proportions.

Already, we are faced with distracted driving, which can be more dangerous in some cases than intoxicated driving. Imagine being hit on the road by a driver who couldn’t wait to type LMFAO and then go back to check if it got any likes. Anyone who drives has seen those drivers with their heads down and eyes on a device, not on the road. Tech addiction and obsession has always been an issue, but the product is now being refined to the point that it has become an entirely different kind of problem.

Crack cocaine was a serious issue in the 90s. Many people who tried it could not stop. Lives were destroyed by the act of going back for just one more $5 hit that would last for just a few minutes. How many lives will be destroyed in the coming decade by people who can not help going back to check email, texts and social media just one more time?

Thank you to Kristin Walker for allowing me to rebroadcast this important discussion.

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