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Adult Film Legend & Spiritual Teacher Hyapatia Lee

Dr. John Huber ( is the Chairman for Mainstream Mental Health

How Poor Sleep Hinders Those With Anxiety & Depression 

Sleep deficits can make focusing, finishing assignments, and coping with everyday stress seem daunting. To make matters worse, people with anxiety and depression often have sleep problems. 

How to Respond Gracefully to Destructive Criticism

Reacting to naysayers without compromising your self-worth

If you’re someone who grapples with a harsh internal critic, you know how powerful that force can be. The good news is that with a bit of introspection and hard work, it is possible to change that voice, or at least learn to live peacefully with it.

4 Ways to Not Beat Yourself Up Over Your Breakup

1. Consider who you are separate from this relationship.

2. Consider if your expectations for yourself are unrealistic.

3. Consider what you learned from your ex.

4. Consider how you will feel about your breakup in 15 years

GUEST: Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee is one of the premier authorities on Native American methods of self-help for emotional strength. As a registered member of the Southeastern Cherokee Council, Inc., she held the position of Blessed Woman for the Lost River Band where some of her responsibilities included conducting sweat lodges and healing ceremonies, leading singing and drumming circles and teaching the Cherokee language. 

Hyapatia is also a member of both the X-Rated Critics Organization and Adult Video News Halls of Fame and was voted Actress of the Year in 1990 by the X-Rated Critics Organization.

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