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Alana N. Williams discusses childhood bullying and more

Alana N. Williams is back on the Empowered Whistleblower podcast. She shares wisdom about childhood bullying and what she is doing to reduce it.

More about Alana N. Williams:


I provide solutions to companies and organizations to ensure a safe working and learning environment for their employees/students. Helping entities overcome dangerous conflicts (workplace harassment, student bullying, sexting & more) in a safe, productive, and legal manner is what I do.

I IDENTIFY my clients’ needs by assessing their current policies, practices, and work culture.

I ADDRESS my clients’ needs by discovering the foundation of their conflicts, maximizing internal resources, identifying proactive management practices, and identifying practical prevention strategies.

I RESOLVE my clients’ needs by establishing “standardization” practices for addressing workplace harassment issues, repairing disengaged human resources/employee relationships, providing conflict specific consultation, to include, training managers, to identify and apply proactive EEO practices and training employees on how to contribute to a safe and harassment-free environment.


* Workplace Harassment| Sexual Harassment| Discrimination Investigations
* EEO Consultant and personalized services for organizations
* Workplace Harassment Preventative Training (Employees/Management courses)
EARN: CE| CEU| PLU & other educational units.
* Bullying, Sexting, Sexual Violence Prevention, and much more. (Educators and Student engagement)

Also, as a licensed private investigator, I can offer:

* Criminal background on new boy/girlfriend, future step-parent/spouse, and rental tenants
* Interviewing, witness statements, and affidavits
* Diligent search (Adoption, asset/property, and wills/estates)
* Locate witnesses/persons of interest
* Reverse phone number and address finder
* Process serving

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(334) 721-3970

Dawn Westmoreland believes that employees and employers should be empowered to have respectful and safe work environments. Check out her website:

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