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America’s Syndemic: multiple epidemics ripping through our country


Alain Litwin is vice chair of academics and research at Prisma Health, executive director of the Addiction Research Center at the Health Sciences Center, and professor of medicine at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine–Greenville and the Clemson University School of Health Research.

Dr. Alain Litwin joins us today to discuss the substance use disorder epidemic that has been ripping through our country for decades. We discuss stigma, deaths of despair, medication assisted treatment and the co-occurring infectious disease epidemic. We also spend some time on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on people with substance use disorder. What we really face in America today is a syndemic. A syndemic occurs when multiple epidemics arise simultaneously. These epidemics feed off of one another in a synergistic manner creating a much more difficult and complex scenario. Along with the opioid epidemic, Dr. Litwin has been involved on the front lines of the HIV epidemic and the Hep C epidemic. He provides a very unique and insightful look at these unprecedented issues. Join us for a one of kind exploration of the syndemic.

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