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Ashtanga Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Dr. Jessa Navidé | Episode 124

The intimate connection between the mind and body cannot be overstated, and nurturing this relationship can lead to profound healing. The remarkable interplay between our mental and physical states is especially highlighted through yoga practices, with an emphasis on breath work and mindfulness, it’s been shown to soothe the nervous system, offering healing for those suffering with trauma.In this episode of Hope Illuminated, I am honored to be joined by Dr. Jessa Navidé, as we delve into the profound intersection of trauma and healing through body-centered practices. Jessa shares her powerful personal journey, navigating through struggles with suicidal ideation and attempts, ultimately finding solace and transformation through trauma-sensitive yoga.Trauma-sensitive yoga serves as a powerful tool in regulating the nervous system and reclaiming our sense of self. Jessa’s odyssey began at age six, grappling with suicidal ideation, and her discovery of Ashtanga yoga became a transformative tool for profound healing. Through her experiences, she illuminates the power of body awareness, the gentle art of befriending the body, and the empowerment gained in the journey toward wholeness.As both a mental health provider and someone who has walked through the shadows of suicidal intensity, Jessa underscores the importance of incorporating lived experiences and trauma-sensitive approaches in therapeutic settings. Together, we explore the scientific underpinnings of trauma-sensitive yoga and its remarkable efficacy in facilitating healing for trauma survivors.Too often, the trauma stemming from suicide attempts is shrouded in stigma and overlooked. However, by embracing body-centered methodologies, we unearth a path to healing and empowerment. Join us as we shed light on the transformative potential of trauma-sensitive practices, and pave the way toward a future filled with healing and resilience For more information on this episode go to


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