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“Ask Grace” Creating understanding for the ND Spouse


Segment One: From the autistic perspective

Join Dr. Holmes with Neurodivergent Relationship Coach Grace Myhill in two segments focused on relational issues in Neurodivergent relationships (where one person is on the spectrum and one is not also known as AS-NT). Dr. Holmes asked on social media and other networks for questions from both perspectives from all over the country to “Ask Grace.” Join Dr. Holmes and Grace as they field listeners’ questions about their partner to create better understanding and build stronger neurodivergent relationships.

Grace Myhill, MSW works with neurodiverse couples in which one partner has Asperger’s/Autism. Spectrum Profile is her specialty and she understands the unique strengths and challenges that come with these relationships. We cannot change our neurologies, but she can help couples to gain a better understanding of who they each are, who their partner is, and how their neurological differences affect their relationship. Together with her clients, she identifies areas for skill-building and problem-solving. She also offers assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder in adults in Baltimore, MD, for further information please visit her website.
AANE Director of The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute
AANE Director of Couples and Partners Services
Private practice as a Neurodiverse Couples Coach

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