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Atlee James, Film Maker – Heroes Rescue Documentary


Join the award winning film makers Atlee James and I as we discuss his upcoming project, Heroes Rescue. have a passion for what I do and believe it shows through in my work. I’m gratified by delivering final products to clients and witnessing the result. Described as energetic, positive and a pleasure to work with, I know that my clients appreciate my collaborative approach. This includes asking the challenging questions, fully understanding your intended target audience and knowing what resonates with them.
I founded Potential Pictures Inc. in 1999, after I graduated from UBC with a B.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry and a minor in Film and Production, but I’ve been a director and filmmaker almost my entire life. My first time directing was a Grade 9 social studies project, using a rented camera from Overwaitea Foods. From that point on, I was hooked.
Inspired by hotel life (when I was a bellhop during University), my colleagues and I made honest, insightful, comic vignettes about life as a bellman. I was making reality TV long before Survivor was even a twinkle in Mark Burnett’s eye. Never one to stop learning directing and producing, I achieved 10,000 hours of “mastery”, sometime around 2009.
I’ve worked with brands such as: Nike, Toronto Raptors, YMCA, TELUS and Bayer and count Doctors of BC, UBC Athletics, UBC Sports Hall of Fame, BC Hydro, Fraser Health Authority, Via Sport,, UFV, Ftsy, Metrics XP, 60 Minutes Kids Club, The Personal Sport Record, HUB International among my loyal clients.

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