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Audrey Holst: Perfectionism in Entrepreneurs – TPS478


Audrey Holst guides ambitious high performers and high achievers who are ready to stop micromanaging their lives with perfectionism so they can actually start living. She’s the founder of the Fortitude & Flow® Process which uses mindful and embodied practices to create transformation. Her work goes beyond mindset and addresses perfectionism’s impossible standards at their root cause.


Audrey shares her own experience with perfectionism and how that led to the work she does.
She kept trying to do things right so she could be accepted socially, but never felt as if she got it. It’s an interesting story.
Perfectionists often wait till the last minute to finish something that has a due date.
Once she got on the entrepreneurial path, she saw that entrepreneurship and perfectionism don’t go well together.
Audrey’s mother was a perfectionist. Once she understood the concept of inherited emotions and behaviors, it helped Audrey move forward.
Getting in touch with the body sensations that went along with her perfectionism enhanced Audrey’s self-awareness.
The style of yoga that Audrey studied was more about pushing through discomfort rather than embracing it.
When you notice something, don’t try to intellectualize or change it. Take a deep breath and just notice it and stay with it.
Perfectionism is a coping or survival mechanism.
Perfectionists often isolate because they don’t want anyone to know that they’re not sure how to handle something. So they don’t ask for help.
As you go through the process of letting go of some of your perfectionism, it will improve your relationships with other people in the world around you.
We talk about how being bullied at school contributed to her perfectionism and her willingness to move beyond it.
It takes courage to change your thought patterns and behaviors.
It helps to work with someone else when you’re trying to go through this process so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming and you know that someone has your back.
It takes a long time to reverse the perfectionism habit.
Audrey has developed five archetypes of perfectionism and they are available on her site.

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