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Autism: Advocating For Acceptance Not Just Awareness


Listen to our seasoned guest, Stephanie Holmes, MA, BCCC, discuss how to move past autism awareness and into acceptance. There is still stigma surrounding autism and the behaviors that are associated with it. With the help of many amazing advocates like Dr. Temple Grandin and others, we have come far on the path of autism awareness but true acceptance comes when we can look past the diagnosis and see there is a child or adult behind it.
Stephanie discuss how we can start to accept those with autism and help them grow into productive, happy, and adjusted members of society.

Stephanie C. Holmes graduated from Campbell University summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1994. Her highest held degree is a Master’s degree in Counseling obtained through Liberty University in May of 2000. Stephanie held her NC LPC from March 2002-June 2008. She is now licensed through the Georgia Board of Examiners of Christian Counselors and Therapists and is also a Certified Autism Specialist.

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