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Autism and Co-occurring Issues


Join Alix and Dr. Holmes as they discuss the importance of the right diagnosis and co-occuring issues that may occur with ASD. The right diagnosis is critical to getting the proper treatment plan and support.

Alix Generous is an autistic behavior analyst with 5 years of clinical experience and a master’s
from Pepperdine University in behavioral psychology. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.
She is the founder of Global Behavior Consultants, LLC, an international autism consulting
company that supports families and individuals to receive affordable care. She also provides
consultation with Diversity Crew, which helps large scale businesses increase the neurodiversity
of staff. Over the past decade she has spoken professionally at conferences all around the
world, including multiple TED talks, and All About Woman at the Sydney Opera House.
She also is in a Phd Program at this time with hopes of studying the origins of autism/Asperger’s.

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