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Dr. Holmes and Tosha discuss what clinicians need to know about working with individuals on the autism spectrum. The importance of competency and training in working
with the Autistic Community.

Tosha Rollins is a Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina, owner of Rollins Counseling, LLC, autism advocate, public speaker, published author, and podcaster. She is dedicated to serving the autism community and teaching others how to navigate through the world of autism with ongoing education, collaboration, and consultation. She is wife to Travis and momma to three sons Jason, Jacob, and Konnor, ages 9-23, and stepmom to Kaylee, who is now in college. She has two sons on the autism spectrum. She loves adventures, traveling, nature, and spending time with her family. Tosha also enjoys serving the community as a Lead with Love Safety Plan Coordinator. She started the Autism in Action Podcast to help families connect with autism resources, services, and support. When she is not working, she is spending quality time with her family and planning her next adventure.

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