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Autistic Burnout: Spotting the Signs


Uncover the unexpected truth about autistic burnout and its impact on individuals in a revealing conversation with Larissa Minner. Learn how societal changes and individual strategies can prevent burnout and lead to a more inclusive world. Stay tuned to discover the eye-opening insights that challenge what you thought you knew about autism and burnout.

Growing up as a neurodivergent individual, Larissa Minner’s journey to understanding autistic burnout was a rollercoaster of misdiagnoses and challenges. From being misunderstood and mistreated due to misdiagnoses such as intellectual disability and bipolar disorder, to finally finding clarity with a dual diagnosis of autism and ADHD, her story paints a picture of resilience and self-discovery. Through her own experiences and delving into extensive research, Larissa not only identified the signs of autistic burnout in herself but also recognized its pervasive impact on the neurodivergent community. Her compelling narrative sheds light on the importance of recognizing the individual nature of autistic burnout and the critical role of societal changes in prevention and management. Larissa’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and the urgency for inclusive environments that support the diverse needs of neurodivergent individuals.,Larissa Minner’s path to understanding autistic burnout is a poignant narrative of perseverance and self-discovery. From grappling with misdiagnoses of intellectual disability and bipolar disorder to finally receiving a dual diagnosis of autism and ADHD, Larissa’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of accurate identification. Her personal experiences and deep dive into research not only enabled her to recognize the signs of autistic burnout within herself but also fueled her passion for advocating societal changes to prevent and manage it effectively. Larissa’s compelling story underscores the individual nature of autistic burnout and the crucial role of inclusive environments in supporting neurodivergent individuals. Her unwavering resilience and commitment to fostering understanding and change serve as an inspiring call to action for creating environments that honor the diverse needs of the neurodivergent community.

  • Larissa Minner’s LinkedIn page for more information on her work and advocacy efforts.
  • Larissa Minner’s website,, for access to infographics and video content related to autism and neurodiversity.
  • Consider exploring resources on universal design and sensory-friendly environments to prevent and manage autistic burnout.
  • Look into early education on disability and autism to foster understanding and inclusion from a young age.
  • Explore self-advocacy strategies and tools for managing autistic burnout, such as visual schedules, apps for sensory support, and remote work options for inclusive environments.

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