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Awareness and Advocacy with Angela Andrews


Truly an amazing woman, Angela Andrews devotes her time to increasing awareness of autism and neurodiversity. Join the conversation as clinical psychologist, Dr. Kristina Hallett, talks with Angela about being a person with autism and raising 5 children with autism.

Angela Andrews has worked with Johnson & Johnson for a total of 4 years. During her time here, she has worked as a Complaints Analyst in Medical Devices, a Business Data & Integration Owner Analyst and a QS&S Quality Analyst in Supply Chain, and most recently works as the Data Improvement Manager for Janssen Quality Analytics.
In November of 2016, Angela formed the group “Autism and Neurodiversity” under the Alliance for Diverse Abilities (ADA) employee resource group. The group focuses on promoting equal treatment and employment of those who are on the Autism spectrum and encouraging others to focus on the positive aspects of Autism as well as the benefits of neurodiversity.

Angela holds a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame. She holds an MS degree in Data Analysis from Southern New Hampshire University. She holds certificates in counseling, at-risk youth coaching, and child abuse investigation.
She is an active member in multiple Autism and mental health groups for adults as well as supporting activities at her children’s schools related to decreasing the stigma of mental illness and increasing awareness of the positive results of embracing neurodiversity. She recently presented a Tedx JNJ talk entitled “You Are Your Brain” (June 2018). In her talk, she opens up about growing up with Autism and provides information regarding Neurodiversity, acceptance, being your authentic self, and ways others can support those with Autism at work and in the community.
Angela loves working with data and music, as she sees the patterns and beauty in both. She is very active in the lives of her five children aged 15 through 22, all of whom have Autism. She works to inspire others to accept themselves as they are as well as to accept others, regardless of their differences. She is currently authoring a book about her experiences growing up with Autism and raising children on the spectrum.
She chose to become an outspoken advocate on Autism and acceptance due to her personal experiences with Autism and mental illness. She grew up in an environment where differences were shamed and she was rejected for her Autism and depression. Although she focuses primarily on the positives, she continues to struggle with sensory problems and depressive episodes. She hopes by sharing her personal experiences, she can help inspire people to always be their authentic selves.

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