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Be Positively Selfish


This audio was recorded in 2006, long before Hijackals became Dr. Shaler’s focus.
Rethinking Selfishness: “What if I told you that I now value selfishness? Would that be shocking? Not only do I value it, but I encourage others to value it and practice it.”
In this first of our upcoming Legacy Files, Dr. Shaler explores the often misunderstood concept of selfishness and redefines it as a positive force. Throughout our lives, many of us have been taught that being selfish is wrong. However, Dr. Shaler encourages us to reconsider this notion, advocating for a type of selfishness that empowers us to better care for ourselves and, in turn, more genuinely care for others.
She delves into how practicing what she terms “positive selfishness” can actually increase our self-esteem, improve our personal freedom, and enhance our abilities to contribute to the world. In this discussion, we’ll unpack the differences between detrimental selfishness and beneficial self-focus, explore the importance of setting boundaries, and debunk the myth that loving oneself is an act of neglect towards others. Join us as we lean into learning how to be positively selfish, and why it is crucial not just for personal happiness, but also for fostering healthier relationships.
We are deeply saddened to share that Dr. Shaler passed away unexpectedly on April 3, 2024.She left peacefully and without any further discomfort, full of grace. Rhoberta worked hard to maintain her energy to continue offering time and wisdom to clients, members, and strangers alike, who found her voice and demeanor comforting and strengthening as you each faced difficult and overwhelming experiences. We know it was very hard for her to let go enough to leave her clients and fans behind, and that serving you all was her greatest joy. If you need some time with her, please visit her youtube channel ( or listen to other episodes in this podcast. There is a wealth more information among all her body of work, that has not yet made it into the world. We will continue to surface this additional material and content from her deep archive to allow her voice and strength to continue helping you all. Finding value in this content? Support us on Patreon.Support this show
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