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Beneath the pain of conditioned stories lies the courage to live authentically; new Mental Health News Radio Network podcast Awaken Radio helps people find their authentic selves.

Awaken Radio is a new Mental Health News Radio Network podcast hosted by entrepreneur and counselor Robin Jillian.

Coach, counselor, blogger and entrepreneur Jillian created her show to help people with a soul calling to be someone different and to live a more realized life.  Coach, counselor, blogger and entrepreneur Jillian created her show to help people who are answering the calling of their soul for personal growth…to expand who they are and live authentically from their heart’s true desires.
Awaken Radio draws on Jillian’s own life experiences including the end of a 30 year marriage, the sale of her business of twenty four years and a solo cross country move…guiding listeners through their own challenging, yet liberating transformations.
Jillian conceived Awaken Radio as an extension of her coaching practice, which has helped many to explore the conditioned beliefs and stories that no longer serve them and prevent them from living a fulfilled and joyful life as their true self.
The podcast brings her experience and tools to a wider audience in an accessible format.
She says, “It is painful to transform who you are,” and one of the most difficult life challenges you will experience.  As Carl Jung writes…”‘there is no coming to consciousness without pain.”   Through deep self inquiry, it is essential to recognize your values and needs without shame or guilt, believing that you are capable and in fact deserving of the life you want to live.
Awaken Radio will air bi-weekly in the future. All episodes are now available through Mental Health News Radio Network and other major podcast networks.
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