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Beneath the Perfect Personas, Irresistible Masks – Delusional World of Narcissistic Personality


From my book: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life:

“Like a great onstage performer, the narcissistic personality is a conjurer, continually spinning images, always reinventing himself. 

The Self that he perfects is his persona, that part of himself that he presents to the world. He mistakes this image for the real self, as he deludes others with his compelling charade.” 

The narcissist lives in a world of delusion. Deep in the unconscious, his real self is badly damaged with an inner world that is bleak and empty.

Narcissists are preoccupied with the perfection of their material world. Anything that gets soiled, ripped, wrinkled, besmirched, must be quickly replaced, even the smallest imperfection.

You are completely different from the narcissistic personality. You are authentic, aware of your inner self, your feelings of caring, love, empath, compassion, guilt, regret, longing, sadness, warmth, jy, awe. 

Draw clear psychological boundaries between yourself and the narcissistic personality. Don’t be intimidated by their demands, conniving and aggressiveness. Remember that you are in charge of yourself and can make good decisions and judgments without their permission. Keep your intuition as a constant companion. Access your creative gifts. 

Appreciate your true nature as you move forward, evolving each day, accessing the parasympathetic – the calming, restorative, creative mode that is your true being and nature.

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