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Black Lives Matter: Hope & Unity; A Christian Perspective


We are at a divisive time in our nation. Learning how to help bridge the gap, the hurt and frustration as a white American holds tremendous significance for me. Today’s episode is about listening, learning and doing better as a human race.
My guest today, Art Butler, is a black American with a passion for service, pouring out the love of Christ in both action and word as well as breaking down barriers in some spectacular ways.
Art has served both State-Side and abroad with mission-minded charitable organizations for over 30 years. He is a leader, minister and true ambassador of goodness. God is using him to do amazing things in the lives of others and his heart is evident through today’s episode.
Art’s book, Focused: Understanding the Genius of God in Our Weakness, will be released in 2021 and will be available in bookstores and amazon. Check it out!

Follow Art’s literary work on

Interested in learning more about one of Art’s favorite outreach programs that’s connecting young people to meaningful employment? Check out CoPassion at

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