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Blurred Lines – Words of hope from Black Lives Matter advocate AND police officer, Alisha Zellner


As a police officer and black woman, Corporal Alisha Zellner speaks candidly about what it feels like to live in two worlds. During a time in our history when outspoken advocates for change are rising up and taking to the streets, Alisha took her emotions about racial tension and demand for change to the streets…literally.

Logging 564 miles on her bike, Alisha initially set out on her own but quickly gained a group of followers who wanted to make a statement in a way that promoted mental AND physical health. Alisha chronicled her journey, while challenging followers to think beyond themselves and look back at what history has taught us.

This podcast is incredibly inspiring, due in large part, to Alisha’s positive outlook. Her message of love and acceptance is one everyone needs to hear! Alisha’s story has been picked up by magazines and radio stations across the nation. She is pursuing her Masters in Social Work, loves biking on the Colorado trails and is using her platform to create positive and lasting change. She can be found at:

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