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Boys Have Borderline Personality Disorder Too


Today, Trevor is joined by Alan Fruzzetti, PhD, director of McLean’s 3East Boys Intensive Program, to discuss gender as it relates to borderline personality disorder (BPD). Alan talks about the differences in how BPD presents itself in men vs. women while also noting that there is work to do in the clinical community in guiding thinking about the prevalence of BPD in young men.


– Trevor and Alan discuss the creation of the boys dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program (05:37)

– Alan shares that that 20% of male inmates in Swedish prisons have
BPD (18:58)

– The two delve into Dr. John Gunderson’s impact on DBT and examine how males who seek treatment for BPD actually exemplify less aggressive behaviors (40:18)


– Mental Health, BPD, and Boys: What Everyone Needs to Know:

– John Gunderson: Borderline Personality Disorder Trailblazer:

– Borderline Personality Disorder: Separating Fact from Fiction:

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